Why back4app is the best option to Parse users?

Why back4app is the best option to Parse users?

We are really sorry to see parse go. We are also wondering what questions are the Parse users trying to answer now: What service can I trust? Can I have the same problem in the future? Or if I had this problem how can I mitigate them? How much effort I need to migrate my apps now? I’m a back{4}app founder and will try to clarify some of these questions.

back{4}app is the hub for backend and APIs. Just focus on creating amazing user experiences and forget about complex infrastructure. You can build and host APIs for web, mobile and IoT apps, working up to 80% faster. back{4}app uses Parse Open Source framework to make it happen.  See bellow how the back{4}app prepared this migration for you and why we are the best migration option:

1)   We built all the Parse Server and Database structure on our servers and prepared a wizard to quick migration.

2)   We will use all the Parse server structure to run your backend apps. You won’t need to learn how it works a new service and rebuild your app. At this point you don’t need additional effort on your apps migration;

3)   You don’t need rewrite your app to communicate with another API standard because we will use the same API. You just need to change the API server address. At this point you will have an effort to change the API endpoint address, republish your new app and communicate your users.

4)   Our platform is white box so the developer can access and download all the migrated code at any moment and runs locally on his server or wherever he wishes.

5)   The developer is totally unlocked avoiding that the same situation can occur again so you don’t need to worry about the BAAS service once you can always to transfer your back to wherever you want.

6)   The developer will can use as the Parse Dashboard to add new features to its backend;

Get started with back{4}app Parse Migration, click here and see what do you think.

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