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BaaS Cloud? A step by step guide

BaaS Cloud? A step by step guide

Introduction – What is a BaaS Cloud?

This article will provide an Overview of Backend-as-a-Service or BaaS Cloud.

The terms Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Mobile Backend-As-A-Service (MBaaS) are both referring to the same concept.  It describes a service that enables developers to connect mobile and web-based applications to backend cloud service. Besides storage, BaaS also provides additional services such as user management, integration with social networks, and push notifications, among many others. For complete list of BaaS features, please read here.

Technology analysts often describe BaaS as a readymade infrastructure for web and mobile apps. The major stakeholders of BaaS are companies (Startups or Enterprises) that provide resources that make it easy for developers to expedite web and mobile application development. Such resources include server infrastructure, Software Development Kits, Application Programming Interface (APIs), useful protocols, and tools for application development.

Parse Dashboard | What is and when to use it

Parse Dashboard | What is and when to use it

What is the Parse dashboard?

Parse dashboard is a spreadsheet like interface for editing rows, representing relationships, and performing GrapqhQL / REST queries.

A quick overview of the Parse framework and the value it provides

Developers around the world are looking for novel solutions that make application development less stressful. Many developers do not have the technical know-how to create advanced applications. That is why they are searching for platforms where they can create hi-tech applications with their basic knowledge of programming. Parse is a viable solution for achieving such goals. It’s not surprising that many programmers are trying to know more about Parse and the value it brings to the table.

So, What is Parse?

Parse is an excellent solution for developers that want to create high-level applications. However, this open-source platform can help you create sophisticated programs that would have been impossible with an average programming skill.

This article presents some vital information that would help developers understand the benefits of this platform, so they can leverage it to their advantage.