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What is Firebase Performance Monitoring?

Do you want to know more about what Firebase Performance Monitoring is and how it can benefit your business in the best possible way? Let’s have a look at the information given below. This detailed information about Firebase Performance Monitoring will undoubtedly help you to understand it more effectively. 

So, here we go:

The most popular coding languages in the world

This article aims to leverage data from Statista for a review and comparative analysis of the leading programming language in the world today. At the end of this study, JavaScript emerged as the undisputed leader, with over 60% of developers using the language. 

The structure of this article is listed below.

  • A general overview of programming languages;
  • The Criteria for selecting a programming language;
  • Review of the ten leading programming languages worldwide.

Programming languages are tools that developers use to visualize, build and deploy various types of apps.  These languages differ extensively in their capabilities, functions, and development tools they provide. That is why some languages are more suitable for specific development projects.

The top backend providers in the world support popular languages for building web and mobile applications. However, a good knowledge of a language’s capabilities would help a developer select the most suitable specific development project.

Before we proceed to review the languages, let’s introduce programming languages to beginners. 

What is Firebase Analytics?

There are various types of analytics tools available in the industry, but selecting the best one can be tough. Firebase Analytics is one of the best analytics tools that will provide you with a complete analysis.

What is Firebase Crashlytics?

This article will explain Firebase Crashlytics, its advantages, core features, and pricing model.

One of the most frustrating and challenging things that any developer can face is the crash and bugs. These are encountered when the application is live, and it isn’t easy to deal with them.

Firebase Crashlytics makes things very easy for the developers providing all the necessary help and features. So, here we will discuss the essential things about Firebase Crashlytics that you need to know.

What is an Online Backend?

Computer programmers and web designers have a lot of jargon that is foreign to the average computer user. Yet, if you are hoping to work in this field or create a website for your business, there are specific terms that you need to know.

“Backend” is one of the most important terms to know, as well as the applications that rely on it. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Firebase Hosting?

Many service providers provide these hosting services, and Firebase is one of the best. So, this article will explain Firebase Hosting, its advantages, core features, and pricing structure. The article will follow the structure below:

  • Serverless Overview
  • Firebase Hosting Overview
  • Firebase Hosting Benefits
  • Firebase Hosting Core Features
  • Firebase Hosting Pricing Structure
  • Conclusion

Ready to know more? Please keep reading.

Swift vs. React Native – A detailed Comparison

Swift vs. React Native – A detailed Comparison
Swift vs React-Native

React Native and Swift are somewhat new technologies but are presently among the leading platforms for mobile app development today. Swift was invented by Apple, while React Native is an open-source framework based on JavaScript.

This article is written to compare and contrast swift vs. React Native so that developers can choose the most appropriate framework for their app development project. 

The content of this article is listed below.

  • Introducing Cross-Platform Mobile Frameworks
  • Overview of Native Development
  • Overview of Swift
  • What is React Native?
  • Comparing Native vs. Swift