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The Best Language for Backend Development

The procedures of developing, running, and managing modern apps require a robust backend. Choosing the correct backend can go a long way to determine if a development project will be successful or not. This explains why enterprises and independent developers must explore the best language for backend development before commencing an app development assignment.

Once you select the suitable backend, a development project would be hassle-free because the backend platform handles issues relating to speed, performance, and scalability. 

Since there are many excellent backends out there, settling for the most suitable one can be overwhelming.  To help resolve this challenge, we have outlined the best programming languages for backend development and discussed their features. Hopefully, this article will empower you to choose the right backend platform without much headache.

Before we review the best languages for backend development, let’s take a closer look at backends.

AWS Amplify vs. Firebase | What are the differences?

The world of technology is changing rapidly, and the mobile sector seems to be on the lead. It’s not surprising because smartphone users want the latest innovations on their phones and apps. This demand for innovative features pressurizes developers who must meet these demands to remain relevant in the consumer-driven marketplace.

Backend technology that allows developers to create innovative features that meet the demands of tech-savvy mobile users has become popular. This article compares Firebase vs. AWS Amplify, two of the top backends for app development.

Top 10 Kubernetes Services Providers

Kubernetes has emerged as the project to turn to if you require container orchestration at scale. The open-source container orchestrator has quickly gone from an avant-garde technology developed at Google to something close to a standardized infrastructure for cloud-native environments. 

As cloud service providers and enterprises adopt Kubernetes rapidly to undergrid up-to-the-minute applications, a brand new generation of start-ups is making an appearance to increase the core technology with deeper code delivery, observability, and management, integration, and security features. 

Azure Backend as a Service

Enterprises across the globe are transmuting to bleeding-edge cloud-based models for decreasing operational costs, encouraging a mobile workforce, and augmenting productivity. Azure Backend as a Service (BaaS) is a cloud-based model clearing the path for organizations to fulfill their web, mobile, or API needs. 

React Native Vs Flutter: Which is Best for Cross-Platform Mobile App

When it is about picking a frontend technology for mobile app development projects, we do not have too many credible choices. When React Native came as a performance-focused JavaScript library allowing maximum reusability of code, it was a landmark moment for developers worldwide. Soon, React Native became the obvious choice for developers because of its unique capability in incorporating native user experience in cross-platform apps. 

Firebase with SQL Database

Creating an application or website can be a laborious process. There are a lot of applications and websites. Thus, it takes a significant amount of time and expenses to birth a high-quality application or website to garner attention and scalable ROI.

Developers have the pressure of creating websites and apps that help boost the success of the companies representing the name on the site. Through this pressure, it is easy for developers to feel overwhelmed even before beginning the process.

However, with the emergence of various services to aid in development, developers are freed of a significant number of tasks. The heavy burden on the developer’s shoulders gets lightened with Firebase.

Best 10 Serverless Platforms

Before the Serverless Computing framework, developers would spend hours solving coding issues. Next, the operation team would spend countless hours helping developers to figure out the code written by them and made sure the computers used for running the program are operating smoothly.

The latter part was an endless task to complete for sure. And then arrived the age of Serverless Computing with the launch of AWS Lambda in 2014. The serverless computing paradigm helps developers forget about the worries related to the operating system their code runs on because the service provider effectively takes care of these things. 

Where are mobile hosted?

The mobile industry is continuously growing while attracting businesses from everywhere. The exploding popularity of mobile apps has made app developers famous. In 2020 alone, app revenues heightened to about $600B rendering this business a boom. 

So what are these mobile apps that people keep talking about? What benefits do mobile apps bring to a business? These are the numerous frequent queries posed by many people. To answer these questions and more about mobile hosting, here’s an article to explain more.