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Top 10 Startups using React

A well-executed web user interface consisting of contrasting visuals, responsive elements, and a clean design, makes it easier for the visitors to communicate with the application or program.

Despite being in the industry for only 9 years, React has become the most popular front-end development library, powering thousands of websites on the internet, including some of the bigshots like Bloomberg, Walmart, and the creator of React, Facebook.

The widespread adoption of React can be boiled down to the following three reasons:

  • React is declarative, which allows developers to describe user interfaces and make the process of creating UIs more intuitive.
  • It is component-based and hence, delivers top-notch rendering performance.
  • React is unobtrusive, allowing developers to write new features without restructuring the existing code.

In this article, we take a deeper look at what is React and then study the top startups that use React in their tech stack. For new developers, this list can serve as an inspiration for how React can be used to deploy various features.

Top 5 Mobile Tools for the New EdTech Startup

Over the past decade, the educational sector has undergone a digital revolution. Artificial intelligence and tech tools have gradually been integrated into classrooms, giving rise to the edtech industry. Now, there are tons of apps and platforms that make learning math for kids a seamless process for both students and educators.

However, venturing into this industry can be a challenge, especially if founders aren’t armed with the right mobile tools. Thus, this article will explore the best tools for developing and launching a new edtech product. Read on.

Top-5 Successful Startups – innovative solutions to inspire your creativity

Are you considering a new startup? If you have an innovative, exciting idea, you may make it true and bring another “unicorn” into this world. “Unicorn” is the word for big successful startups, and it proves these things aren’t regular to meet them every day.

Every startup is indeed risky. They are failing more frequently than rising. Still, every year, we welcome new names. Many startups fight their way up, and yours may be one of them. With proper research and planning, chances are significantly higher. We have already seen examples of startups that could fly high. 

Top 10 Startups Using Ionic

Cross-platform mobile app development allows companies to maintain a consistent look for their app across multiple platforms, which is crucial for creating a brand image.

Moreover, they can launch apps for various operating systems simultaneously, which not only allows them to reach a wider audience but also offers a quicker time-to-market, as part of the code can be reused across platforms.

Ionic is one of the most popular cross-platform app development frameworks with more than 5 million apps built using the technology. It is based on HTML 5, which makes it easier to learn than React or Cordova, which are based on their respective base frameworks.

Moreover, it is flexible and works very well with other technologies, allowing developers to execute complex functions easily.

In this article, we discuss what Ionic is and take a look at some of the top startups using the framework to build their apps.

If you are a new developer, this list should serve as an inspiration for how the framework can be used to implement various features in an app.

Top 10 Startups using Node JS

A good runtime environment is crucial for compiled and interpreted software. It not only provides a way to keep the user interface consistent, but it also enables access to all the functionalities to keep the work independent of operating systems.

In the ubiquity of JavaScript in modern front-end web development, Node.js provides a viable alternative and is quickly securing its position as the standard for enterprise applications.

Several enterprise-level companies are making the switch to Node.js, which adds to the popularity of the platform. These include the likes of Walmart, Intel, NASA, etc., an occurrence that has prompted several others to make the switch to boost performance and productivity.

In this article, we take a deeper look at what is Node JS and then some of the top startups that are using the framework in their tech stack. For developers looking to understand the full potential of this platform, this list should serve as an inspiration as to what they can implement using the platform for their new project.

Top 10 Startups using Lua

Scripting languages are embedded into other software environments to automate processes at the application level, improve performance and reliability, introduce new functions to applications, and integrate complex systems.

At the command line, they can be used to execute programs on servers and present the appropriate results to the users. They are easier to learn and implement than traditional languages since they do not require compilers to execute.

Among the most popular scripting languages is Lua, which finds itself extensively used in the gaming industry as it can be used to create added functionality without contaminating the overall performance. Recently, a large number of non-gaming companies use the language for extensibility purposes. 

Continue reading as we take a deeper dive into the applications of Lua as a general embeddable extension language. The following list should help you gain a better understanding of the full potential of Lua and how you can implement new features into your projects with scripting languages.

Top 10 Social Media Management Tools for Startups

Social media has gained much importance in the past few years for all kinds of businesses. So, how can startups neglect social media management’s significance to support brand awareness and for surging the influence of marketing campaigns?

This article displays one of the best social media management tools with their pricing structure and necessary features.

Top 10 Graphic Design Tools for Startups

Graphic design tools are crucial for young businesses to build logos, social media images, flyers and infographics. Though there are several graphic design applications and software available online but startups should always pick the most reliable ones.

Thence, this article shares a list of the top graphic design tools that startups can trust and use for their projects.