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Top 20 Server Side Tools You Will Love

This article will explore 20 of the best server side tools to be used on your tech stack. It will cover categories like platform as a service, backend as a service, repositories, IDEs, etc.

Computer professionals and enthusiasts appreciate the roles that the server-side and client-side play in app development.  App users are only exposed to the client-side, which is the app interface that they use.  However, all the functions of the app are controlled by powerful programs in the server-side (back-end), where the app engineering task are done. 

Practically, the client-side is like the visible part of an iceberg that often looks small, while the larger submerged iceberg is like the server-side.  A single interface on the front end can be controlled by hundreds of server-side code lines. Summarily, all the amazing functions seen in online services today are controlled by server-side tools.

Top 5 Startups Using CakePHP

This article will explore five of the best startups using CakePHP on their tech stack. The list includes names like,, and SeatGeek.

Have you noticed how the applications, including web applications and websites, have become amazingly better over the years? Well, only the websites have not gotten better, but the whole development process has also become better.

It allows developers and designers to make the whole website with amazing features without writing the code for every feature and component from scratch. Different web development frameworks help in this case, and one of those that we will discuss here today is CakePHP.

Top 10 Companies Using AWS Amplify

This article will explore ten of the best companies using AWS Amplify. The list includes startups and corporations. The needs of applications quickly change these days. You might be planning to implement a feature, and when you develop, that feature may become a thing of the past.

So, when it comes to development, quick results are needed. In this case, the bigger companies need to focus on several things, and the one that brings the best results is using pre-built tools.

These days developers everywhere know lots of different tools and options to use for their benefit. AWS Amplify is one of those options that several developers use.

Many companies use AWS Amplify, and here we will be discussing the top 10 out of them.

The Best 10 Server Side Coding Languages

The Best 10 Server Side Coding Languages
Best 10 Server Side Coding Languages

This article will explore ten of the best server side coding languages. The list includes NodeJS, Kotlin, GO, Solidity, etc.

Backend programming languages are crucial to modern app development. That is why several server-side coding languages have emerged to add value to app development. 

However, the many options make it challenging for developers and businesses to select the right programming language for their app projects. In this article, we shall review the features and shortfalls of the top ten server-side coding languages today.

Top 10 Server-Side Technologies for Creating Your Next Application

This article will explore ten of the best server side technologies. It will cover backend platforms, programming languages, and frameworks.

With the never-ending innovations in technology, enterprises are taking new approaches to create value for customers. While it is worthwhile to create intuitive user interface that elevates the user experience, it is essential not to ignore the backend.

The reason is simple, all the functions in the frontend are powered by backend technologies.

Product Update: App Status

Product Update: App Status

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on giving you more information about your app on back4app. We’re pleased to announce a new feature that will increase app monitoring and observability: the App Status.

This new feature is available to each of your apps on back4app giving you information about your app health/performance, security, and general app logs.
How to access it? Go to the back4app main dashboard and click on the App Status button.

App Status button

Top 10 Companies Using Firebase

Top 10 Companies Using Firebase
Top 10 Companies Using Firebase

This article will explore ten of the best companies using Firebase on their tech stack.

This is the time when managing hardware resources is not the most efficient for some businesses. It not only goes true for the small businesses, but the bigger companies also get the benefit when they get services from other service providers instead of managing their hardware.

Similarly, developing everything from scratch is less efficient than using something like Firebase.

Some companies use Firebase, and we will discuss the top 10 of them.