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Top 10 Startups using Lua

Scripting languages are embedded into other software environments to automate processes at the application level, improve performance and reliability, introduce new functions to applications, and integrate complex systems.

At the command line, they can be used to execute programs on servers and present the appropriate results to the users. They are easier to learn and implement than traditional languages since they do not require compilers to execute.

Among the most popular scripting languages is Lua, which finds itself extensively used in the gaming industry as it can be used to create added functionality without contaminating the overall performance. Recently, a large number of non-gaming companies use the language for extensibility purposes. 

Continue reading as we take a deeper dive into the applications of Lua as a general embeddable extension language. The following list should help you gain a better understanding of the full potential of Lua and how you can implement new features into your projects with scripting languages.

Top 10 Social Media Management Tools for Startups

Social media has gained much importance in the past few years for all kinds of businesses. So, how can startups neglect social media management’s significance to support brand awareness and for surging the influence of marketing campaigns?

This article displays one of the best social media management tools with their pricing structure and necessary features.

Top 10 Graphic Design Tools for Startups

Graphic design tools are crucial for young businesses to build logos, social media images, flyers and infographics. Though there are several graphic design applications and software available online but startups should always pick the most reliable ones.

Thence, this article shares a list of the top graphic design tools that startups can trust and use for their projects.

The Best 10 Business Planning Tools for Startups

Business planning is one of the significant strategic approaches that startup companies use to showcase their core objectives and programs to achieve organizations goals. Young businesses also prefer to make solid business plans to attract investors.

Therefore, the use of authoritative business planning tools is crucial for startups. That is why this article shares one of the top business planning tools with all necessary features and pricing models.

Top 10 Startups and Companies using Xamarin

Cross-platform mobile app development is one of the most essential activities among businesses that allows them to develop robust, performance-heavy, secure applications quickly. Eliminating the need for recoding the tech stacks for each operating system significantly reduces the time, effort, and monetary resources required to develop mobile apps.

One of the oldest frameworks for cross-platform app development is Xamarin, which is extensively used to share code and business logic across platforms. Continue reading as we take a deeper look at Xamarin and its real-life implementations that serve a wide variety of industries.  

What’s the tech stack behind Zoom?

What’s the tech stack behind Zoom?
Zoom Tech Stack

Video conferencing has become important for both personal and business use. At present, video conferencing is about organizing team meetings or one-to-ones, but also churches, book clubs, grandmothers, and everyone is now using video conferences to connect.

However, Zoom is leading the chart when it comes to video conferencing platforms. Over time, it has become a leader in the industry of video conferencing.

With the arrival of stay-at-home orders in 2020, almost everyone needs to learn video conferencing for multiple reasons. However, Zoom dominated the industry because it was simple and highly easier to use applications for video conferencing.

Zoom allows anyone with a browser to use it. Additionally, families, friends, and professional teams; anyone can use it to collaborate remotely. Let’s get to know about the Zoom and the tech stack working behind it below to know more about the things in this regard.

What’s the tech stack behind Zapier?

Automation is something that’s becoming important for the productivity of businesses. That’s why automation is virtually all around us, even if you cannot realize that. The automation’s heart is all about to boil down to just a simple command.

However, when it comes to automation platforms, Zapier is on the top amongst all, and that’s too for good reasons. It is one of the leading automation platforms that can let you automate any business process in the best possible way.

Most importantly, this automation platform can bring many benefits to your business. However, if you want to know more about Zapier or how it can benefit your business, have a look at the details below to get a better idea.

Keep reading to know more about Zapier technology stack.

Top 10 Notification Tools for Startups

The significance of push messages and notifications has dramatically enhanced in the past few years. Mainly, notifications have become vital for businesses and startups because of their magical benefits.

Indeed, notifications aid businesses to strengthen brand awareness, generate quality leads, retain traffic and revenues.

However, if you are not familiar with credible notification tools as a startup company, then you must consider the following options.

Top 10 Analytic Tools for Startups

Analytical data has become crucial to get customer insights and make wise business decisions. That is why analytics tools are important for startups to grow their business smartly, but it is complicated to shortlist a single tool.

Therefore, this guide presents ten of the top analytics tools with their core properties and pricing model. Check out below the analytics tools list.