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List of IaaS, PaaS, and BaaS providers

Have you ever considered to move your business to the cloud? If yes, then here are some of the most important acronyms for you to wrap your head around. 

  • IaaS 
  • PaaS 
  • BaaS

These are the three major types of cloud computing. Some of these you might have heard before. However, all of these are experiencing a surge in their popularity as more and more businesses are moving to the cloud. 

Backend Platform for Games

Although most single-player games do not require any internet connectivity, online multiplayer games do so. It is because multiple players need to be in one single game. So, this requires internet connectivity, but there is the involvement of server and hosting in this type of gameplay.

While it is not that efficient for the developers and gamers to manage their server-side hosting at huge scales, getting the Backend as a Service is the best choice, and here, we will be discussing it.

Parse Alternatives – The Best 10 Options

Opting for a reliable mobile application backend is quite important for any business today. Development teams around the world prioritize platforms such as Parse for the level of functionality it offers to users. While Parse is a top backend option, there are many alternatives worth looking at. Take a look at the best Parse alternatives below. 

What is a MBaaS?

What is a MBaaS?
what is a mbaas

Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) is the name for online platforms that offer infrastructure and other backend services that enhance app development procedures.  In essence, mBaaS companies handle backend tasks, allowing the developer to focus on frontend development. Some of the resources mBaaS offers include APIs, push notifications, file storage, social media integrations, database, and many more. 

The Good and the Bad of mBaaS Development

The Good and the Bad of mBaaS Development
BaaS Good and Bad

A BaaS (Backend as a Service) or MbaaS refers to a platform capable of automating backend site development and performing comprehensive cloud infrastructure management. A BaaS lets developers reduce the burden of server maintenance as the third-party service providers handle this responsibility.

BaaS also facilitates access to tools that can be used for backend code creation and accelerating development processes. It provides various features such as code cloud functions, APIs, scalable databases, file storage, social media integrations, and push notifications.

The Best Firebase Alternatives in 2021

The Best Firebase Alternatives in 2021
Firebase alternatives 2021

Firebase, which was acquired by Google in 2014, is arguably the most popular platform for creating apps without extensive server-side programming.  It is a Backend as a Service platform that offers useful features such as a realtime database, push notifications, and many more.  It is an excellent tool for accelerating app development assignments. 

However, issues like proprietory technology, vendor lock-in, and lack of support for GraphQL API are limiting factors. That is why developers are searching for Firebase alternatives in 2021. Thankfully, many other platforms that offer similar services have emerged. This article presents the best Firebase alternatives in 2021; many of the Firebase alternatives listed in this article offer novel ways of creating apps without stress. 

So, if you are researching for Firebase alternatives, you would discover the top five options in this article. Those who have chosen a platform already can still benefit from knowing other viable Firebase alternatives in 2021.

The top five Firebase alternatives reviewed in this article are:

  • Back4App
  • Parse
  • AWS Amplify
  • Hasura
  • Game Sparks

Keep on reading as we review every Firebase alternative in detail.

What is a Mobile Backend as a Service?

What is a Mobile Backend as a Service?
What is mBaaS

Mobile application development has a long and exciting history. In the past mobile devices can only use the features or apps that are shipped with the phone. These are essential utilities such as calculator, stopwatch, and the likes. Do you remember playing the arcade-like “snake game” on the Nokia Symbian-powered phone? The addictive game that first premiered in Nokia 6110 phone is generally regarded as the first mobile app.

The mobile industry has changed extensively two decades later. Phones are no longer dumb devices that can only launch programs shipped by the manufacturer. Mobile devices are now powered by intelligent operating systems capable of performing complicated computing tasks previously restricted to desktop devices. Thus, personal computing gradually shifted from desktops to mobile as people can conveniently perform everyday computing tasks from the palms of their hands.

The mobile apps industry has grown exponentially since the last decade. Data from the Statista website shows that 204 billion apps were downloaded from various online stores in 2019, and the number is projected to increase to 258 billion by 2022. It’s not surprising because the mobile app has become an essential strategy for corporations all over the world.

Given the increased attention on mobile technology by individuals and businesses, the need to create and update apps for the hungry mobile market increased significantly. Consequently, the conventional app development method can no longer cater to the massive demand. That is why developers heaved a sigh of relief when an agile app development technology emerged in the form of Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS.)

Mobile Backend as a Service provided the solution to the challenge of expediting mobile application development and adding advanced function without spending a fortune. In this article, we shall take an in-depth look at Mobile Backend as a Service and its value to mobile developers.

What is PlayFab?

What is PlayFab?

PlayFab is a Backend as a Service platform focused on games that is owned by Microsoft. It is one of the most amazing backend solutions which can help developers to create, manage, launch and grow effective cloud-connected gaming applications. The entire toolset of PlayFab has been designed to be used by the developers from all around the world. It can let you develop games for any platform such as PC, mobile as well as console. This acquisition is extending the work and investment we have done on Microsoft Azure to offer a top-class cloud solution for the gaming industry.

The backend services of PlayFab are highly effective and meant to reduce the problems come on the way to launch games by the game developers. It is offering both small and large studios as well as cost effective solutions for game development which you can scale as per your needs in the future with ease. Even more, these gaming solutions can help developers to engage, monetize and retain more players in the best possible way. 

PlayFab is offering an intelligent development system to the developers which can help them to create, operate, analyze and improve overall gaming experience in an intelligent way with ease. This solution is a natural complement of Azure meant for gaming purpose mainly. With multiple locations all around the world, PlayFab is capable of offering the best available reach from all around the globe and helping people to grow in a more effective way. 

What is Game Sparks?

What is Game Sparks?

Mobile gaming is becoming an increasingly popular niche. And most amazingly, now you can find tons of solutions which are meant to back your mobile gaming solutions with ease. Here we have an in-dept analysis of a most sparkling games BaaS solution which is essential for you to know: