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The era of paper-backed business is over now, and now every business needs to get everything related to it on digital platforms. Whether it has Software or advertisement, going digital increases the efficiency of the process. However, it is not the easiest thing to achieve, especially when your business is tight on a budget like the small or medium businesses.

In either case, managing hardware and a team for operating and maintaining that hardware costs a lot of time and resources. Getting cloud services is the better choice, in this case, with more convenience. Alibaba Cloud is one of the cloud services providers, and here we will be discussing everything about it and some of its best alternatives.

Key Takeaways

  • Key features include computing, databases, and networking
  • Main alternatives are AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and Digital Ocean

What is Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud is a China-based cloud services provider with all of the cloud-related services you may need. From best quality resources for high computing needs to the presence of great analytics, you can get everything here without any issues. Some of the services and features that you can get from Alibaba Cloud are:

  • All of the cloud products and services
  • Databases
  • Networking services with security
  • Data and analytics
  • Website management services and domains
  • Marketing and media services and a lot more

While the list of features and services you get from Alibaba Cloud keeps getting extended and long, it is better to know about some of the advantages of using it. Many benefits come with the services from Alibaba Cloud, and some of them are discussed below.

Top 10 Alternatives to Alibaba Cloud

There is hardly anything that you may miss from Alibaba Cloud when it comes to the features and services. However, it is still not the best choice for some users, and they look for some alternatives.

So, if you are also looking for some fantastic alternatives to Alibaba Cloud, then the following 10 options can provide you with the best choice.

1.    AWS

When it comes to getting the best cloud services at any point globally, there is only one best choice, and that is AWS. AWS(Amazon Web Services) is powered by Amazon, and it provides enterprise-grade cloud services.

You can get on-demand cloud services and resources here as an individual and a company as well. The best part about the services here is that the pricing model is as budget-friendly as possible.

2.    DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean is an America-based cloud infrastructure provider that is amazing for businesses, but it brings along many features for the developers. As a developer, you can easily deploy and test your applications on the cloud. At the same time, it also enables you to scale and manage your applications with ease, regardless of them being mobile or web applications.

3.    Azure

Azure is a cloud computing services providing platform that is managed and powered by Microsoft. Being powered by Microsoft ensures that there will be no issues regarding performance whatsoever. Other than that, its more than 200 products help in the feature-rich deployment of your applications and make managing, building, and testing the applications more accessible.

4.    Linode

If you are looking for cloud services that will never disappoint you, then Linode is the platform that you must go for. It provides you all of its services with private servers, making sure that you never have to deal with any security or privacy issue. The hardware is also protected by consistent surveillance to ensure the security of your data.

5.    UpCloud

Are you running a small or medium business and looking for exceptionally good cloud services? If yes, then UpCloud is your best choice with its amazing services for SMBs along with amazing prices. The services here are fast and reliable with a 100% uptime guarantee meaning that you will never have to face any issues from their side.

6.    Vultr

Sometimes you need complete peace of mind, and it is the situation where you do not need to deal with the management of anything. Vultr is the platform that provides you with the peace of mind you need with its fully managed cloud services.

It means that you only have to get the services and get things running. The high-performance SSD servers will add the layer to peace of mind in terms of the high performance of the resources.

7.    Google Cloud

Who does not know about Google? When it comes to the best quality cloud services, Google is a name that you cannot ignore. Being managed by Google, Google Cloud is a platform that provides you with the best performance in every sector. Whether it is the security or features, you get the best of everything from Google at the best prices.

8.    Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud is a cloud platform that provides you with complete cloud services, including computing, networking, and storage services, all based on cloud technology. Additionally, all of these services are ensured to be of the best quality to ensure the best user experience.

9.    Rackspace

Rackspace is a company that provides some of the most demanded cloud services like cloud storage, Virtual Private Servers, Databases, Load Balancers, Backup, Management and Monitoring, and a lot of other services. So, if your demands are fulfilled with the services from them, then it is the best choice for you.

10. Kamatera

Reliability is the most important thing in cloud services, and Kamatera provides the most reliable Software as a Service(SaaS) for its customers. The services you get here are flexible and scalable, making it the best choice for startups and small businesses. Other than that, the networking and connectivity here are very quick, making the whole thing an amazing choice for app developers.


Sometimes the first and the most crucial step in your digitalization journey is to select the right cloud services provider. If you make a wrong decision at this point, then you may have to face some serious issues. So, selecting the right service provider is vital from the very beginning.

Here we were elaborating on how Alibaba Cloud is one of the best options that you can go for. We also discussed some of the best alternatives to Alibaba Cloud if it is not sufficient for your needs.


What is Alibaba Cloud?

It is the third largest cloud provider in Asia Pacific according to Garter.

What are the core features of Alibaba Cloud?

– Computing
– Databases
– Networking
– Storage
– Analytics

What are the best alternatives to Alibaba Cloud?

– Azure
– Digital Ocean
– Google Cloud
– Linode
– Upcloud
– Vultr
– Oracle Cloud
– RackSpace
– Kamatera

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