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Application and software development is getting quicker because of the growing needs and better portable devices. However, this is causing issues at developers’ end because server management and networking require a lot of hard work.

While these things reduce a developer’s efficiency and increase the overall development time, MBaaS or Mobile Backend as a Service makes things better.

Here, the whole Backend for an application came pre-developed and managed by the service provider. All a developer needs to do is to develop the front end and connect it with managed services.

What is AWS?

Speaking of managed services, AWS is a cloud computing platform that Amazon offers. It is specifically to meet all the digital needs of a business. It is why it provides options like database storage and scalability.

Simultaneously, there are hosting services with managed servers making things extremely easy and feasible for non-computing people. Apart from all of its features, one thing that makes it a perfect choice for everyone is that it comes with the reliability of Amazon, which makes it so widely accepted.

Does AWS have a mBaaS Service?

As cloud computing is a wide domain with things like dynamic website hosting, database management, server tasks, and a lot more. It is mostly confused about whether AWS provides Backend as a Service or not. The answer to all these queries is that AWS has AWS Amplify that is specifically BaaS or Backend as a Service platform.

How does AWS Amplify work?

AWS Amplify is a set of tools used for building full-stack applications without the need to develop the Backend for that application. As a developer, there is only needed to make a functional frontend of the application afterward, which can be connected to the managed Backend from AWS Amplify.

The best part is that this makes it very easy to develop applications with its set of tools. Not only this, but the different platforms for developing the application like Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, and others add a lot of value to these services. Some of its features are:

  • User authentication
  • Database
  • API development
  • Analytics

Alternatives to AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify provides many efficient tools and services along with their Back and as a Service platform. It may not be the perfect choice for some people’s needs. So, here are some of the best alternatives to AWS Amplify that you can use to get the managed backend services.


In terms of the managed backed platforms, this is one of the most used platforms worldwide. The Parse server provides it, and it helps in things like automation of the backend development with its managed backend services. At the same time, it comes with some amazing cloud infrastructure like:

  • User management
  • Cloud functions
  • Push notifications
  • Realtime database


If you are developing a native application and looking for some managed backend services, then Kinvey is the platform that will be your best choice. It is because it is determined to provide the best user experience from the application. It helps them in making the perfect applications for the most demanding users. Not only this but there are a lot of features like:

  • Auto scalability.
  • Data pipeline
  • Codesharing for easier development.


Backendless is a platform that can not only be used for individual applications. But if you have an organization and need an application for many users, Backendless can be your perfect choice. It is because their managed backend services will improve the performance of booth applications and developers. It comes with the following features:

  • Central user authentication.
  • Realtime database
  • No code backend development.

These were some of the best alternatives to AWS Amplify.


Using managed backend services like BaaS can bring a lot of efficiency in application development. There are a lot of service providers offering these services. Here we discussed the best ones providing their managed backend services.


What is mBaaS?

MBaaS stands for Mobile Backend as a Service.

Does AWS offer mBaaS services?

The answer to all these queries is that AWS has AWS Amplify that is specifically BaaS or Backend as a Service platform.

What are the best options to AWS Amplify?

– Back4app
– Kinvey
– Backendless

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