The 11 Best App Development Ideas For Beginners

Technology has come up with massive development in the industry. We have seen applications for all types of brands, like food delivery apps, fitness apps, social apps, entertainment apps, and many more.

Apps always support business growth as it helps you to connect with your customers easily. You can offer discounts through apps and many freebies for your buyers. It is an opportunity to provide your customers with an interface through which you can achieve your business goals and deliver your message.

But it might not be easy for you to work on app development. Beginners or non-technical users cannot easily work on it. Even developers face tremendous challenges while creating an application.

It requires a lot of technical knowledge and coding. Hence, you definitely need proper guidance regarding it.

This guide is really helpful for every individual who is looking for the best app development ideas and solutions. You can learn from the steps and start building your career in application development. 

How To Make An App: Cost And Time It Requires

Making an app is difficult, but a lot of hard work is required if you have chosen to develop an app. An effort in the right direction and a clear guide can help you to learn how to make an app.

But before digging into the steps you should follow for creating an app, you should go through the answers to the questions in your mind. Individuals who are opting for app development as a career or entrepreneurs looking to develop an app for their business have similar questions.

Let’s first answer the queries to get better and more comprehensive knowledge that will help you understand this guide.

Q1 – What is the best way to build an app?

Building an app is not easy. You have to first decide about your budget, understand your needs, and get to know the type of app you are looking for, the industry you are going to target, and many other factors. 

Back4App is one of the great platforms that allow you to create an app for Android and IOS. It is one of the most reasonable apps and is perfect for non-technical users and beginners. 

Q2 – How long does it take to build an app?

There is no fixed time for building an app. It completely depends on the type of app you are trying to create, its features, and the method you have chosen for the development of the application.

Some of the apps may take a few months to build, but some of the apps take a lot of time, like years, to complete. Six to twelve months is the maximum time it would take to create an application for your business.

Q3 – How much cost is required to build an app?

Building an app can be the cheapest as well as expensive. The rate starts from $2000 to $20,000 and $200,000 or up to $2 million. 

The cost of the app is based on different factors like the type of app you are building, the features you are implementing, the method of development, the platform you choose, and the codebases.

By keeping all this work in mind, the developer will take out the rate and then start creating the app. Also, keep in mind that raising the features, functions, and complexity can increase the rate of your app. 

Q4 – Building an app on iOS or Android?

IOS and Android are both different platforms with different applications. There is a huge difference in the source code of both operating systems.

So, trying building applications on both phones gives you a different experience. This is how you can create two apps at one time with different methods, styles, and experiences, or you can go for a cross-platform app if you would like to create an app for both platforms.

For building an app, Back4App is the perfect platform that allows you to create an app for both IOS and Android. You can create an app without getting into too much coding, and you can launch your app on both platforms.

Steps To Create App In These Few Steps

You might find many ideas for creating apps, of which some of the important ones are listed below. Learn from these steps and see how effectively you can build an app with a fantastic experience on your IOS or Android. 

1.   Identify Your Goals

Before starting any work, it is compulsory to do homework. That means you should be aware of the goals you want to achieve through your mobile application. These goals will help you in your entire process. It is important to paper down your goals and makes a plan of the features and interface of your application. Once you know what your goals are and what you have to achieve, you can easily create a pathway to your app.

To reach your final goal, you need to first divide it into simpler objectives. These objectives will help you to reach your decided goals. You need to work on the smart objectives.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic 
  • Timely

Also, work on the defined goals so that you know what your purpose is and how you are going to work on it. Again, be clear about what you are looking for and what your motive is. 

2.   Do Market Research 

Once you are done with your goal, then you need to do market research about who is going to work on the goals. While discussing ideas, all seems good and attractive, but you will know the result once you proceed with it.

Without market research, all your hard work, efforts, time, and money will be wasted. So make a list that you have to work on. 

  • Create surveys for the market
  • Conduct interviews
  • Run group that people mostly approach
  • Do research on your competitors

Most importantly, learn how to create an app that improves customer experience.

3.   Set Your App Features

Focusing on your app feature is important. Many people add extra features to their apps, and it may cost them a lot. If you don’t need any feature, then no need to keep it with your application. There are many app features that are important and can improve the user experience and engagement.

  • Push on notifications
  • Community wall 
  • System for menu ordering
  • Booking capabilities
  • GPS
  • Calendars
  • Video image and audio hubs
  • Surveys and questionnaires

Select the feature that you think is important for you considering your goals and your app type. You will definitely get success if you can rightfully analyze the needed features.

4.   Make A Wireframe

Basically, a wireframe is a rough layout of the app for your mobile phone. You can just create it on your board or paper to recognize what you have made and how you can proceed with it.

If you find a bad structure on the wireframe, then you don’t have to worry. Because it is only a rough draft that will let you know what your app will look like. This idea will let you know if your team is on the same page or not and see if your app will work or function effectively or not.

5.   What Is Your Development Method 

Building an app requires different methods, but it is important for you to see what the best approach for you to choose is.

Selecting the right method should be based on your budget, level of your skills, app type, and time to market it. There are different development methods available for mobile apps from which you can choose the most suitable one.

Some of the most popular methods for developing an app are as follows.

  • Agile
  • Waterfall
  • Kanban
  • Scrum

Select any of the four app development methods. Agile is my personal favorite.

6.   Work On Existing Solutions

If you are new to app development and want to know whether you are on the right track or not, you have to start working on existing solutions.

This is one of the great approaches you can go with. At times when you are working on your goal and face any doubt regarding your strategy, then see if the solution you are searching for is available in the market or not. 

Of course, every app needs functionality and to figure out the solutions. You can check infrastructure, hosting, design, analytics, and notifications. You can buy pre-built things before building them from scratch. 

While conducting research for app development of Dissertation Assistance UK, Mrs. Elsa Chris – App Development Head, concluded,

“It is great to leave the difficult process and build only what you need from scratch. Save your time and money, and get your app ready fast. The smart decision is to use built-in features which will save a lot of your time.”

7.   Technical Specifications 

In this stage, you have to bring your wireframes where you have created a rough draft. As you have already done the homework, then it will be easy for you to deal with technical specifications.

The best thing about the technical specification is that it helps in finding out alternative ways to achieve your goals associated with your application. And these alternatives can save your time and money.

You might have heard that user experience is really a must for shaving off the costs and efficiency in work, but the technical specification is still really important for the development of an app.

8.   Work On Measurable Milestones 

Another important idea of app development is to be on track. Working on measurable milestones helps you and your team to track your efforts during the app-making process.

Sometimes working on one big project is better than a lot of small projects. Because many projects require different outlines and you have to start it from the beginning. It may cost a lot and take more time.

For better results, you can implement a project management system for your software developers. And for this, Scrum and Agile development will be effective choices. No matter whatever your decision is and which process you have chosen, tracking your progress will speed up your development.

9.   Create MVP

Whenever you start building an app, it is important to create MVP – a minimum viable product. It helps you to think about your app’s most crucial features. You can say that building an MVP is something very essential for you as a developer.

Of course, you won’t bear any distraction with your app. So, you have to work very consciously when it comes to building an app.

See what function your app actually needs, and then start using it via MVP. Stay away from things that are not necessary as it will waste a lot of time. 

10.   Work On Quality Assurance

Once you are done with MVP and your app is ready to work, it is essential to conduct quality assurance before deployment. The app can be checked on mobile phones, laptops, iPad, or any technology you want. You have to make sure that the app is working both online and offline. 

According to the statement by the research paper writing service

“Developers can pay the experienced app developer to check whether the application is properly created or not. No matter if you are a first-time builder, having a second option will be good to proceed with.”

11.   Deploy 

Finally, it’s time to get your app live and make it available for the actual users of this app. Now it’s your responsibility to check all the important things.

Make sure all the functions are working properly. If you want to market your app, then submit it to app stores. But obviously, it is not easy. You have to read the guidelines to submit your app on the Apple App Store or Android Play Store. 


Building an app is quite challenging for both those who are beginners and those who have tried it multiple times. Educating yourself and learning from the blogs will always be beneficial. Always take advantage of new technology and see how it is working for your growth. 

Here, you will not only find app development ideas, but you will also see how to create an app saving a lot of money within a reasonable time. Keep the steps mentioned above in your mind and make an amazing app for your users to grow well and efficiently.

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