Top 10 Alternatives to BuildFire

BuildFire is an ideal choice for many organizations as it helps them with an amazing app builder, collaboration tools and change management, and offers a fair pricing structure. But it might not be the right choice for you.

This context features the overview of top BuildFire alternatives. Take a glance into these top options that are closest to BuildFire in terms of benefits, functionalities, and key features.

Top 10 Alternatives to BuildFire

Here are the best ten alternatives to BuildFire.

  1. Back4app
  2. Firebase
  3. AppyPie
  4. Zoho Creator
  5. BiznessApps
  6. Caspio
  7. Outsystems
  8. Appian
  9. FabApp
  10. Mendix

Keep reading to know about each BuildFire alternative.

1. Back4App

Back4App is a cloud-based BaaS platform that makes setting up a new project simple; your mobile and web apps are developed, configured, and deployed automatically.

It is a low code backend that builds applications for every commit, stores, and queries relational data on the cloud, and adds business logic using cloud code functions. A greater number of organizations are using this server-less framework to run complex apps with incredible user-interface qualities.

With flexibility, improved scalability, and better latency, Back4App is ahead in the race of BuildFire alternatives, promising to provide finer app development capabilities in the best possible ways.

2. AppyPie

Creating applications from scratch will no longer require the back burner to push themselves, and write endless lines of code; AppyPie’s app builder will do it for them. Developing your mobile application with no programming skills or coding knowledge is easier than ever.

AppyPie’s app builder, the industry-leading app development platform, is the number one cloud-based mobile app builder. This no-code app builder democratizes the development and design of applications irrespective of budget restrictions and coding experiences, providing businesses supremacy over others.

With AppyPie, app-building is as easy as customizing an app with the drag-and-drop feature and putting it live in mere minutes. 

3. Firebase

Firebase is a recognized leader in app development and user engagement. Companies leverage Firebase to cut down on cost while developing lucrative applications and getting them to market faster.

Firebase lets you create, deploy, and manage applications with end-to-end transparency and control. Also, it allows you to integrate Firebase features with applications through the insertion of server-side codes.

Developers who use Firebase Cloud Functions are introduced to added advantages – advantages that provide them a gateway to Firebase’s dynamic capacity in Google Cloud Platform.

4. BiznessApps

BiznessApps platform is designed to be a dynamic low code platform, which means any application can be developed with or without coding, yet customized in the way you need them to be.

This robust app development platform works tremendously in reducing the complications inherent in app development, simplifying the lives of developers by letting them conquer the complexities and helping them bring their ideas to reality.

BiznessApps helps developers create mobile apps for businesses with a small budget, but a big idea. 

5. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is an online cloud-based app development software that helps develop custom apps with no IT expertise and coding knowledge.

Zoho Creator’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor enables developers to build enterprise-grade applications. Developers can conveniently collect data, automate workflows, assess reports, and seamlessly collaborate with their app users.

Every app built on Zoho comes with a native application for Android and iOS, enabling developers to access real-time information from anywhere, at any time. 

6. Caspio

Caspio is a market-leading, original, low code application development platform. With Caspio, developers can create online database applications. Its built-in graphical application builder guides both medium-range developers and newbies through every step involved in building sophisticated and lucrative cloud-based applications.

It is adopted by organizational leaders for its simplicity and is trusted by developers for its scalability, compliance, and security. Caspio’s low code high productivity approach allows developers to build apps on their own and bring about constant improvement across organizations. 

7. OutSystems

Thousands of clients worldwide rely on OutSystems, the leading low code software for rapid app development. OutSystems is exclusive software that integrates progressive mobile app capabilities with the power of low code app development, allowing visual app development portfolios that conveniently combine with existing systems.

OutSystems’ low code approach helps developers to build apps that take faster time to market, minimizing business backlogs and ensuring improved user experience.

8. Appian

Appian is a powerful app maker platform that makes it convenient to build and deploy modern applications. It is an open-source solution that enables organizations to increase their resources and improve their business outcomes dramatically.

It boosts your organizational needs by combining your teams and existing systems in a particular workflow and centrally controlling all third-party vendors. 

9. FabApp

Build and deploy mobile applications faster with a proven no-code app development platform. FabApp’s app builder offers an automatic and simple solution that helps developers create applications that connect your business with your customers.

With FabApp, it just takes a few strategic clicks to add the features and functionalities to build an application that drives sales. While you focus on customizing your app, it manages everything for you, from solving app concepts to controlling functionalities, and analyzing customer information to sending out notifications.

It is like having the entire development team at your fingertip. 

10. Mendix

Mendix offers an easy and user-friendly landscape to develop flexible, scalable, and extensible applications. It is an evolution in the software-driven ecosystem that promises to refashion the application development space by enabling developers to shape ideas into fully featured tools.

Mendix is the low code promise to develop applications that go live in a moment and achieve success faster.


This article explained the best ten alternatives to BuildFire. The list includes players like Back4App, Firebase, Zoho Creator, BiznessApps, and many others.


What are the best alternatives to BuildFire?

– Back4app
– Firebase
– AppyPie
– Zoho Creator
– BiznessApps
– Caspio
– Outsystems
– Appian
– FabApp
– Mendix

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