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Flutter Update Timeline – What’s new?

Flutter has changed the mobile app development game since its first release in 2018. Over all these years, there have been major and minor updates to Flutter, adding new functionalities, features, and performance improvements. Today we will walk you through all the updates included in the latest 3.3.0 release, Vikings while covering other updates released over the years and the major changes they packed.  

Google announced the Vikings update of Flutter’s version: 3.3.0, and everyone is excited to find out more about the amazing new features incorporated this time. Flutter 3.3 update is a major one, which has been expected since Google merged pull requests to provide mobile app developers with more options and ammunition. 

This blog will discuss the seven major highlights of the Vikings Flutter 3.3 update, which every developer should be aware of. But first things first. 

Top 15 REST API Interview Q&A

Building web APIs, microservices, and other web services have become one of the basic business needs nowadays. And one of the most popular approaches to it is to use REST APIs. Of course, you can build some top-notch quality software using the best programming languages but when you are offering services, you are offering a package of such software applications or features built using a different programming language that works in sync to fulfill the requirements of the users. 

And to integrate this software, you have to use the REST API. of course you already know all of this. But delivering the same information when asked for or showing how it all works can be a little tough. And that’s why many developers tend to fail the interview. Although they are skilled enough, they don’t know what questions are going to be asked of them. Also, even if you know the answers, you are not sure about how to convey them.

And that’s why, in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most important and frequent questions. 

Why Are Vectors Important in Web Design?

The abundance of different products and services makes it difficult for businesses to differentiate themselves from others. When a product’s price, quality, and customer service are never enough to win over customers, business owners turn to other methods, such as website UI and UX. 

User-friendly and visually appealing web resources are now as important as quality and useful products. And what helps make them that way? Designs with vector graphics. They maintain their quality at any size and allow pages to load faster. Curious to learn more? Keep reading to find out other benefits of vector files in web design.

How to Build a Car Rental App Like Turo

In the sharing economy, the Peer-to-Peer car rental app, Turo, is quite popular. It was first launched as RelayRides in 2010 and then got rebranded in 2015. Today, Turo provides car rental services in over 7500 cities in the UK, USA and Canada.

On the Turo app, car owners lend their spare cars and earn some money for the rental duration. In the entire transaction, there’s also a commission for Turo, which is its primary source of revenue generation. It also has several other channels in its revenue model, which we will be discussing later in this blog. 

Best Microservices Frameworks for Development

Today, the chief way for any business to reach out to its audience is via an application. Though there are various methods to make an app, why do you think 10% fail? As per CBInsights, 10% of startups fail due to a mistimed product.

Among the various other reasons, one is the slow development process! And this slow development process is encouraged by development tools that do not support developers in terms of speed. Solution? You guessed it right, microservices frameworks.

You see, the monolithic architecture used before slowed down the developers as the app was coded as one unit, top to bottom. The encapsulation of all the essential units of an app made it tough for developers to maintain, upgrade, and debug it. Hence, it led to slowing down and complications in the development process. However, microservices architecture has resolved all these issues.

As per stats, around 85% of the respondents from large organizations state that they use microservices. As the use of microservices is elevating and market competition is cut-throat, it is imperative for software developers to choose the best microservices framework.

Here in this article, we will highlight some of the best microservices frameworks for your business.

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid Developing a Mobile App

More than 4.5 million applications are collectively accessible on both play stores, claims Statista. Surprisingly, roughly 80% of mobile applications are deleted after just one usage. Why? What is the secret to popularizing a mobile app and generating income? The reality, however, is in identifying the errors that lead to a mobile application’s failure, whether during the idea and design stage, development process, testing, or marketing of the application.

However, a deeper look at the android app development finds that a shockingly large proportion of apps are uninstalled after initial usage. The sheer competition of the digital economy is mainly responsible for this. As a result of the intense competition in the digital presence, many firms have chosen to create bespoke mobile applications throughout the years.

Unfortunately, they have been instructed to adopt their rivals’ procedures and include all their features. But in practice, it won’t do anything; instead, it will make the development process more difficult and weaken its grip on the market. Mobile applications have become more prevalent in offering a particular function for customers due to the worldwide increase of smartphones. It aids in expanding audience reach and seizing new business chances.

But is creating a mobile app as simple as we think? Not. It requires time, dedication, and flexibility to create a unique mobile application since so many new trends need to be considered and included. A customized mobile application helps companies expand their web presence and set up for the future.

But beyond competitiveness, there are several blunders mobile app developers make that discourage the success of their applications. You may adequately place your application to become the dependable source of revenue you have all the time wanted by avoiding these common mistakes throughout development.

After years of working with numerous developers and observing the business, we’ve recognized 10 of these blunders.

How to develop sustainable software

In the midst of the current and increasing global climate crisis, environmental sustainability is more important than ever before. It may seem like software is harmless when it comes to considerations of carbon footprints and producing more waste. 

But in fact, most software relies on huge amounts of energy to function, which needs resources to power it. The development process itself can consume large amounts of energy, since the development stage often involves plenty of experimentation and many rounds of testing before the software is ready to release.

In this article, we will take a look at what software is used for, the current impact of software development on the environment, and then we will explore how to develop software that is environmentally sustainable.

The best business automation tools

Digitalization is at its peak, and tech advancements continue to evolve business practices. Automation trends are skyrocketing, and business owners are also leveraging them to get the most out of every process. They are implementing advanced tools and automating repetitive tasks to focus on other essential tasks.

As the digital revolution constantly drives efficient results, managers must keep track of the latest trends and tools to supercharge productivity. First, they need to analyze the conventional process and identify the need for automation.

Then comes the stage of fixing a particular budget, as the finances need to be balanced while automating the process. At last, a tool should be selected that comes within a budget and provides efficient features also.

Here is a list of automation tools that helps businesses with different processes and are also budget-friendly.

The Full Guide to Hybrid App Development Plus Top 5 Frameworks You Can Implement

There’s a mobile app for pretty much everything. Shopping, dating, gaming, you name it, someone will have made it into an app. Mobile app development is quite literally a billion dollar industry. In 2020 alone, mobile apps generated over $318 billion

Building a great app can boost your business massively. Tools like applause software testing can show you just how much of an impact a successful app can have on a brand’s reputation. As well as earning digital applause, a mobile app opens an entirely new platform for customers or users to interact with your company. The possibilities are endless!

Hybrid app development is the key to making an app that truly succeeds in this market. Software development teams have been working on it for a few years, but only now are we seeing the real potential in this technique. 

This guide will go through the advantages of hybrid apps, as opposed to web and native apps, and the top 5 frameworks to use in hybrid app development. 

Software Development Lifecycle

Building a sophisticated software solution is easy, and there are many techniques and processes to be thanked for that. Software Development Life Cycle or SDLC is one of them. Many companies choose to ignore it and fall prey to the hidden pitfalls.

So, does this mean this process or technique is incredibly important? Can the software industry not function without it?

Let’s dig deeper and find out!