Top 10 CDN Services

Top 10 CDN Services

A network of proxy servers which is geographically distributed for providing better performance is known as a content delivery/distribution network (CDN).

The main purpose of using this methodology for servers is to remove the threshold amount of data transfer between servers and clients that was caused by having only one server. Main benefits are the reduced latency, faster load speeds, and content delivery will be faster.

As this technology was successful in providing better performance, it started getting widely accepted by people around the world. Now, most organizations use it for their online services. Many organizations are providing their CDN service. The top 10 on our list are discussed below.


Cloudflare is a service provider with global networks that deliver content in the most reliable way. Their API services allow users to have control over the content and there are also options available for customization according to the needs of their applications.

For clients with shared content, there great options for saving money, and this also saves time by sharing a single server for similar data. This service provider also has intelligent traffic routing services which will refrain from congestion and latency in the network. They have free services and their paid package starts at $20 and ends at $200 monthly.


It is a web service provided by Amazon which speeds the distribution of your content on the web. This provides a faster and reliable transfer and loading of data. This service uses different terminologies for the transfer of data. For example, if the data is already present on the server, then it will be delivered immediately.

Otherwise, it will be transferred from the place that you have defined. This makes the transfer of data really fast and reliable. They give you a pricing option upon contacting them where you decide the services that you want to use.


This is another cloud service platform that ensures the high speed and reliable transfer of your data. It provides better and secure CDN services for the companies by providing high-speed data transfer and securing them from attacks. This is done by the intelligent edge platform.

It provides the services which make the data transfer fast by multi-cloud servers. They have their servers all over the world which assist in faster data transfer rates by getting to the client by the nearest location.

Azure CDN

This is a CDN service that can efficiently increase the speed of your website. It works by replacing the mass storage of your website from one location to many different locations around the world on their servers. This not only makes the data transfer speed very fast, but also increases the security for your data by using their servers.

These services provided by Azure are excellent for transferring static data like documents, files, or images and it also works great for streaming data, recorded videos, and live videos.

Page CDN

This is an amazing cloud platform solution for those companies who have non-tech websites. The owner doesn’t have to manage anything because the service provider has his optimization techniques. This service provider makes the delivery of data fast by using an unconventional method of delivering data.

Other than a large network of servers spread throughout the works, this service provider reduces the time of transferring data by optimization and compression techniques. Better browser caching techniques are also used to transfer the content at maximum rates for better client experience.


It is a better option for the people who are looking to get free services. This is a free CDN service for open-source project management. Their team also offers an API for the developers who are working on projects.

This service has no traffic limits and it is accessible worldwide which makes it widely acceptable in the whole world especially by the developers. Other than being open-source and free, their main focuses are on being reliable and secure at the same time.

Section Io

This CDN service provider works on some traditional terms like best-caching services. Their immediate cheche clear has a performance rate of about 200 milliseconds. Another better thing is that their servers are located in the whole world. This makes the transfer of data very fast because of the presence of the servers in the whole world.

This makes it very easier to reach the client from the nearest possible location. Cache plays an important role because their servers keep the cached data safe which are mostly the files like images, JavaScript, and CSS.


This is a high performing service. The data transfer speeds are very fast at the price of what they are asking for. To give the amazing speed of data transfer, they have worked on their server`s hardware.

Each server is backed by SD storage which already makes the data transfer rates very fast. For the sake of connection, they have advanced TCP stacks which ensure the high-speed data transfer. For the best performing global service, they use IP anycast which makes them provide the best performing data transfer rates.


This service provider offers runtime deployment with their JavaScript Fly. Backed with anycast CDN they provide up to 10 times faster transfer rates with secure transfers guaranteed. Hey also have amazing service for streaming video content.

Their smart platform enables you to control things like load balancing and caching added with other CDN features.


Imperva provides high-speed caching and control options which improves the data transfer rates by using different intelligent optimization techniques. For better coverage, their servers are spread in the whole world.

For better optimization, they use some special techniques for minimizing the files and compression which is automated. The data is also transferred on batter rates because they fetch it directly from ram. They also use TCP pre-pooling techniques.


Considering the best content delivery/distribution networks (CDN) services providers. The options are pretty broad and the services vary from enterprise suppliers like Akamai to free open-source projects like Jsdeliver. If you are looking to get CDN services, this list will give you a better idea about which one should you choose.

General FAQ

What is a CDN?

A network of proxy servers which is geographically distributed for providing better performance is known as a content delivery/distribution network (CDN). The main purpose of using this methodology for servers is to remove the threshold amount of data transfer between servers and clients that was caused by having only one server.

What are the benefits of a CDN?

– Reduced latency
– Faster load speeds
– Content delivery will be faster

What are the top 10 CDN services?

– CloudFlare
– CloudFront
– Akamai
– Azure CDN
– Page CDN
– Jsdeliver
– Section IO
– Key CDN
– CacheFly
– Imperva

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