Announcing the Database HUB: Easiest way to fetch data to your App

Today we’re thrilled to share with you the newest Back4App Platform: The Database HUB. As part of our mission to help developers build apps faster, the HUB is a public database repository designed to help you to populate your App with ready-to-use data in record time. With the Database HUB, you can both connect to or clone a public database into an app on Back4App in only a few steps.

Designed for both new and existing applications, Database HUB helps users accelerate new application projects by two different methods. The first is cloning an existing public database(with data, functions, and files), while the second is completing your current app database by connecting to a public HUB database.

Clone a database

When you clone a public database into a new app, the data, files and cloud functions are copied and pasted into a brand new App in your Back4App Account. This serves as a launching pad for accelerated app backend creation. It’s important to note that after you clone an app, the cloned data can be edited, and will not stay synchronized with the public database that was used. 

Connect to a database

If you need a database connection to complete your app’s data set, all you have to do is click the connect button on Database HUB. After this, you can work on selecting what type of apps you want to connect with the public database. An established database connection allows you to access and refer to the data as you need it. It’s also important to note that the connected data stays synchronized with the original database. So if original data is updated, this will be reflected in your data as well. 

Practical Examples

Here are some examples of how you can benefit from Back4app’s HUB:  

1-Autocomplete Forms

Improve your development productivity with our ready-to-use public databases.  Why waste your time looking for databases to download? Now you can fetch data for auto-complete forms with just a few clicks and access an API directly. 

For example, get a complete country list form a ready-to-use API. Please click here for a real example.



2-App Templates

Increase your template sales exposing your app to the Internet and achieving better SEO rankings. Connect your backend code to frontend stores like CodeCanyon and Themeforest. 



Please click here for a real example


3-Training purposes

Engage your students showing ready to use queries, the app schema and how your backend code is structured.


Please click here for a real example. 


Do you like these features? Want to have your app on the hub, publish, or sell public databases? Please fill this form and we will provide more info. It takes 2 minutes.


Finally, we should also mention the incredible applications Database HUB provides in terms of connections to ANY external applications. As a result, you can create an app on Back4app, populated it with that data from the greater HUB (by cloning and connecting), then use the data in your external application through GraphQL API, Rest API or via SDKs. 

Database HUB provides a wonderful opportunity to quickly populate your App with data in record time, supporting your operations and decision-making. Give it a try today.

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  1. Mark Hooker
    I recently used this Database HUB and would like to mention that it was very easy and comfortable experience for me to fetch data to my business mobile App.

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