DeepStream vs Firebase

App development platforms like DeepStream and Firebase are widely known for their effectiveness.

DeepStream is a flexible server for real-time web applications consisting of messages that you can send to one or more subscribers, JSON structures, which developers can understand and control, as well as request-response workflows between two servers or clients.

Firebase is a cloud-based real-time app platform built to power collaborative, real-time apps. All you need to do when using it is adding the library to the app and it will let you access a shared data structure, which when edited, will synchronize automatically with the clients, including Firebase cloud, within seconds.

While both of them hold their grounds, what makes them different?

What is DeepStream?

DeepStream is a standalone, open-source, real-time server that allows clients and backend services to sync data, send messages, and make rpcs quickly.

It is also a node server and can be scaled to requirements using custom logic anywhere it is applied. It is mostly written in NodeJS and supports native NodeJS plugins like the UWS WebSocket server for better CPU and memory efficiency.

The configurable DeepStream backend server is used to establish persistent bidirectional WebSocket connections, using software development kits available for popular development platforms like Android and Java/JVM as well as iOS, NET, C/C++, and Python.

DeepStream is extremely useful as both a real-time server for mobile and web apps and as the backend for microservice architectures. That said, since it is not an HTTP server, it cannot be used to serve images, HTML or CSS files.

DeepStream core features

DeepStream has several effective features for every developer. Here are some of them:

  • Records

These are schema-less persistent JSON objects that can be manipulated in whole or parts. Any changes made to the documents are synced across all clients and backend processes almost instantaneously and can be arranged in lists for modelling relational data.

  • Presence

It enables you to track and store the online or offline status of the end user’s devices in real-time, which is crucial for messaging apps and multiplayer gaming.

  • Pub/Sub messaging

High-performance many to many messaging, where any number of publishers can push messages to channels; meanwhile, any number of subscribers can subscribe to a channel to receive the published messages.

DeepStream advantages

  • Widespread application

DeepStream can be used to build process management systems, mobile & casual multiplayer games, auction, gambling, or fast trading platforms, inventory or stock control, financial reporting, IoT metric control and gathering, real-time analytics and dashboards, social messengers & interaction, and collaborative applications like Google Docs.

  • Message history and recovery

This allows DeepStream to receive previously published messages by persistently storing the message data. It also ensures that when clients reconnect after a network failure, the data stream resumes exactly where it left off.

  • Remote procedure calls

RPCS allows secure and highly available request-response communications by handling failover, data-transport, load-balancing, and message-routing.

What is Firebase?

What began as a startup is now one of the most rated Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS), a new-age app development platform used by developers all over the world.

Firebase is a real-time database that doesn’t require to you connect using the usual HTTP when you link it to your app. Instead, you will connect using a WebSocket, which is powerful and faster. However, developers don’t have to create separate WebSocket calls as one is enough to handle the tasks.

The faster your client’s network, the quicker data is synced through the single WebSocket. As soon as new information is updated, Firebase sends you new data, and it also sends instant notifications about changes made to the data by one client, to every connected client.

Firebase core features & advantages

It comes with several efficient features that make you accomplish your task without problems. Take a look at some of them.

  • File Storage

It allows you to save binary files easily from the client to Google Cloud Storage. It comprises a set of security protocols that provides intricate write allowance to your trusted clients while safeguarding your GCloud storage from others.

  • Features Google Analytics Integration

It comes with Google integration, which lets you make your own perception about your clients depending on their data behavior. Track the behavior of your user and customize your applications using Google Analytics, which comes inbuilt.

  • Cuts Down Time & Effort for Development

Firebase offers you all the features you need for backend development, so you need not create a different setup for each task. As a frontend developer, you will require a specific backend service to easily implement your code with Firebase, saving you all the time you’d otherwise need.

  • Faster Marketing

When your target audience can use your app and its features quickly, it gives you a competitive edge in the market. However, it takes months in the usual backend development to make it production-ready, but Firebase lets you ready your launch in a few weeks, and that too, with all the features and flexibility that’s needed.

  • Scalable Cost

It is free and comes with several subscription plans to avail of its different set of features. It is perfect for startups looking for small-scale mobile app development that they can extend slowly.

Meaning, you can enjoy better financial scalability to compete with the major businesses. Firebase empowers you across industries, whether it is related to e-commerce or mobile payment system.


After thoroughly analyzing both backend service providers, you may have gotten a clear view of what capabilities they offer when it comes to app development.

To understand what suits your requirements, firstly understand your goals and what you want to accomplish, then you can figure out which of these platforms can serve your purpose in the best way possible.

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