Top 5 Alternatives to Dokku

With the increasing user demands and less time to fulfill those demands, things get complicated at the developers’ end. It is because coding the complete application, whether it is a mobile app, web app, or a pc based app, is a time-consuming process.

Even if the developers reuse some components, connection with the server and hosting takes a lot of time as the components require many editing services. In all this hustle, one thing that makes things easier for the developers is the managed backend. Dokku is one of the platforms that provide these types of services.

What is Dokku?

When it comes to using the managed backend services, there are a lot of options. Some provide PaaS. Some offer BaaS and many other services. Dokku is the platform that provides its PaaS or “Platform as a Service” services for the users who are looking to host their server-client applications. It comes with a lot of features.

Core features

The following are some of the features of Dokku.

  • Dokku is an open-source platform.
  • Dokku supports the installation of plugins, which increases the functionality of the application.
  • If the application is inactive, the platform will not automatically shut it down.
  • The process of deployment is easy and quick.

Top 5 Alternatives to Dokku

Although Dokku is an excellent platform for its managed backend services, there could be a case where the features provided are not ample to fulfill your application’s requirements.

Well, in that case, you will need to use some alternative for these services. So, here are some of the best platforms that you can use as an alternative for Dokku.

1.    Back4App

When it comes to the development of an application with a managed backend services, Back4App is the platform that the developers mostly use.

It is because of its unique features like the support of REST APIs and GraphQL APIs. Along with all that, this platform provides a very low code backend that makes it more feasible for many people who have no expertise in development.

Core features

The following are some of the features of Back4App.

  • Here the data is stored and queried in relational data on the cloud.
  • The scalability options provided here are great.
  • Based on a open-source framework makes it very reliable.
  • Back4App is an open-source platform.

2.    Heroku

If you are looking for a platform that allows you to develop, operate, and run your application entirely on the cloud, then Heroku is the best choice for you.

Core features

Some of the core features of Heroku are:

  • Supports modern open-source languages.
  • Excellent vertical and horizontal scalability options.
  • Reliable because of continuous integration and delivery.

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3.    Parse

It is another one of the most famous managed backend service providers that are open source as well. One of the best things about Parse is that it is the vast open-source community that supports it, which means that reliability and security will not be an issue here. Moreover, there is a massive community of developers currently working on this platform.

Core features

The core features of Parse are listed below:

  • Push notifications are available.
  • The process of deployment is straightforward.
  • Different signup options

4.    Engine Yard

Engine Yard is a data-driven managed backend platform that can be used for the management and deployment of your application on AWS. This PaaS solution is an excellent option for developers who want to work on AWS.

Core features

The following are some features of Engine Yard.

  • Full-stack customer service is available 24/7
  • Great scalability options.
  • Simple GIT push deployment makes the process quick and straightforward.

5.    Google App Engine

It is a managed backend platform provided by Google for developers interested in building their cloud applications. The cloud computing technology provider here is reliable in every manner, making it a very efficient platform for app development on a fully managed serverless platform.

Core features

  • The core features of this platform are listed below.
  • Google provides cloud storage.
  • Page speed services are available.
  • SSL support for improved security options.

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These were the best 5 alternatives that you can use instead of Dokku.


Deployment of an application is a crucial process, and things like the service provider for managed backend matter a lot for the application’s performance.

It means that if you select the wrong service provider, then the experience and performance of the application may not be significant. Here we shared some of the best alternatives you can use if Dokku does not fulfill your app’s requirements.


What is Dokku?

Open-Source PaaS Platform.

What are the core features of Dokku?

– Open-Source
– Self-Hosted
– Plugins
– Ease of use

What are the best alternatives to Dokku?

– Back4app
– Heroku
– Parse
– App Engine
– Engine Yard

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