Top 10 Firebase Consulting Companies

In this article, we shall be reviewing the top companies that offer Firebase consulting services like Simplior, Bitcot, Blue Whale, and many others.  

The services of these companies are in high demand because businesses prefer cost-efficient Backend as a Service platform for managing apps rather than establishing their infrastructure from scratch.

Firebase is a cost-efficient and highly productive platform for developing cross-platform apps that modern businesses need.

Introducing Firebase 

Firebase is a Backend as a service platform that provides the infrastructure and tools like a database that developers need to build apps for mobile, web, and other computing platforms.

Whether you want to build a simple business app or one that has advanced features, Firebase can handle it. Moreover, you don’t have to bother about the complicated tasks of managing server backends.

Database functions are just one of the many features of Firebase. The platform also helps developers track app performance, generate reports and fix app issues. 

Firebase is well-known as a stable cross-platform app development platform.  Here are a few reputable companies that are Firebase consultants.

Top 10 Firebase Consultancy Companies 

Do you need a Firebase consulting company? Here are the top 10 in the world today.

Blue Whale 

If you need help with turnkey Firebase development, Blue Whale is an excellent choice for you. They are Firebase Consultants that serve both small-scale and big companies.

They can help you develop advanced apps with Firebase. Blue Whale apps are known for their intuitive interface and advanced features. The scope of their consultancy services also covers app marketing.

Blue Whale helps its clients build native apps for iOS and Android platforms. They also build cross-platform apps and AI-powered apps.


Bitcot is a San Diego-based app development company that can also serve as a Firebase consultant for your business.  Their scope of services includes building Android and iOS apps. Web app development, SaaS app development, prototyping, and lots more. 

If you love to build apps that use leading-edge technologies like Blockchain and AI functions, you should consider Bitcot as your Firebase consultant.  They build highly productive and efficient apps.


Simplior’s wide range of app development projects since the company was established 7 years ago has earned it a reputation as one of the top Firebase consultant companies.  

Simplior has developed successful apps for various industries like real estate, finance, marketing, restaurant, education, healthcare, travel, e-commerce, fitness, and lots more. This company has vast experience in building top-rated apps with the Firebase tech stack.

Arka Software 

Arka Software offers excellent app development services that cover the design, development, and deployment of cross-platform apps with Firebase technology.  This company boasts of ISO certification and enjoys patronage from companies across the globe. 

This company has built apps for companies across various sectors including, banking and finance, sports, entertainment, education, health care, gaming, sports, and lots more.

Excellent Webworld 

Excellent Webworld offers comprehensive app development services that include the design, development, and deployment of native and cross-platform apps.  

Their service structure is flexible; that is shy small scale and large companies use the service of Excellent Webworld for their development projects.

They leverage the power of Firebase to develop custom apps that serves the objectives of their customers.

Atharva Systems 

Atharva Systems has extensive experience in building modern apps with the Firebase technology stack. Their clientele includes reputable companies from over 30 nations.

One of the factors that make Atharva Systems stand out is its use of leading-edge technologies to build functional apps with intuitive interfaces for clients. 

If you need a Firebase consultant for end-to-end mobile app solutions to solve any problem, Atharva Systems can provide the solution that meets your needs.

Angular Minds 

Angular Minds is one of the top companies known for leveraging Firebase technology for building modern B2C and B2B apps on Phone Gaps, Android, and iOS platforms.

This company understands the app development requirements of modern companies. Using the power of Firebase, Angular Minds has mastered the art of helping clients develop functional customized apps that provide amazing user experiences. 

Mob Maxime 

Mob Maxine has expertise in providing end-to-end app development solutions to cater to the unique needs of customers. This company has a reputation for using Firebase technology to build ground-breaking apps for its customers.

The comprehensive app development solution from this company covers the entire scope of app development. From design to development and deployment, the company manages the tedious tasks and presents a functional app that serves the client’s objectives. 

The works of Mob Maxime include intuitive apps for iOS, Android, and PWA, as well as hybrid apps. Each app is customized to meet the needs of each customer. 

Protons Hub 

Protons Hub offers top-notch Firebase development services for top companies operating in a wide range of sectors. This company builds feature-rich native, hybrid, and web apps that cater to the unique needs of businesses.

A cross-section of works from this company include customized apps for Fintech, travel, logistic, health, and education industries, among a host of others.


Radixweb is one of the leading app development companies that use the Firebase technology stack to deliver modern apps for companies around the world.  

This company is backed by over two decades of experience. Their app development team can take up complex projects and deliver high-quality apps within the projected timeline.  

Rabixweb has a wide range of apps in its portfolio, including apps for industries like travel, manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, fintech, healthcare, and lots more. 


The companies mentioned in this article are the leading ten companies that provide Firebase consulting services. They provide a comprehensive solution for your Firebase app development needs.  

With the stability and robust technology stack of Firebase, it can be used to build functions and deploy app solutions for any industry.

Take an in-depth look at the requirements of the app you intend to build and choose a technology stack that delivers the best solution within your available budget.

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