Firebase vs AWS Mobile Hub

Cloud architecture is gaining popularity because it helps to manage various tasks. It is responsible for providing various functions that include writing files, authentication, watching users, and much more. It can easily make your hectic job easy because it is microservice architecture.

It means you can utilize various components to develop your personalized infrastructure in the cloud and share it with managed servers.

Many developers are ready to upgrade their systems to serverless architecture, but there is only one confusion they all are dealing with. The common issue is whether they should be using Amazon mobile hub or Firebase. Here we have a complete comparison that will help you with selection.

Firebase Overview

Google Firebase was founded as an independent platform; however, later on, it was acquired by Google. Now it is provided to the whole world by Google, and it provides some exceptional services.

As Google acquired Firebase, a lot of services were increased along with improving quality., Now, if you want Firebase, you can get the flagship services and features for all types of application development.

The best thing about it is that it works for both mobile and web apps while providing a serverless application development experience. It provides the services, but the experience for using those services is also flagship-level, and that is all because of the amazing features. So, now we will be moving on towards the Features of Firebase.

Firebase Core Features

Remote configuration

It is the latest cloud solution that will allow the users to modify the behavior of their application and its appearance without the need to update them. Users will be able to develop default values in an application to maintain its appearance and behavior.


Firebase provides a useful feature of predictions that will benefit from machine learning that will enable data to develop segments of dynamic users based on their behavior. Users can get these auto predictions with the other features of Firebase like in-app messaging, remote configuration, notification composer, and A/B testing.

Dynamic links

These are the smart URLs that allow app managers to direct current and potential users to various iOS and Android applications locations. Such features can easily allow new users to access content without being impacted by installation when the app is newly launched.

Firebase Advantages

Extensive database

With regular updates and bug fixes, there are a lot of databases required when it comes to app and software development. Often users have to buy a new database when they require more space. However, with Firebase, you will not have to deal with this issue. You will get access to more databases whenever you need them without worrying about buying a new one.

Firebases provide proper authentication and protection that is often hard to get from such platforms. It means that you will not have to worry about data loss or other such problems.

App indexing API

It will automatically enable deep links into your app. In this way, users can easily click links provided in your app to get the results they want without using different browsers.

Low code environment

A major attraction of a Firebase is that you will not have to worry about coding because it provides a low coding platform. With Firebase, there is nothing to worry about, even if you are not an expert in coding. 

AWS Mobile Hub Overview

Amazon is among some of the best cloud services and solutions providers. AWS Mobile Hub is one of the products and services that Amazon provides. It is the service that allows not only to develop and build applications easily, but mobile applications and things like testing can be made easily and rapidly.

Moreover, Amazon Mobile Hub provides endless opportunities for the developers by integrating AWS services within the application for adding more and more features, that too only within a few clicks and only some minimal lines of code. On top of everything, these services work both for Android and iOS.

Amazon Mobile Hub Core Features

NoSQL Database

With a NoSQL database, the setup process will be easier than ever for you, regardless of if you are a pro or a newbie in the development field.

Hosting and streaming

Another way where Amazon takes care of all of your needs. Apart from the infrastructure, you also get hosting and streaming services. It means that you only have to deal with the hassle of managing a budget and other things for once.

Intelligent bots

With Amazon Mobile Hub, you can integrate intelligent bots into your applications, providing an amazing user experience. Amazon provides the option to include these bots, which can assist the user in the best manner.

Amazon Mobile Hub Advantages

One-Stop-Shop functionality

One of the best things about Amazon Mobile Hub is that it provides everything under one roof. It would help if you had any of the features. You can search for the service you are already using, and if you still do not find the functionality you are looking for, you can look for that in some other Amazon service. On top of everything, the integration process between different services will be easier than ever.

No need to manage the infrastructure

When you use Amazon Mobile Hub, there is no need to manage any infrastructure. From developing to building and deploying, all of the work will be done on the infrastructure provided by Amazon.

Amazing reliability

Amazon comes with multiple data centers around the world, with all of them having state-of-the-art security services. Moreover, they provide the maximum amount of reliability to ensure all of their services perform up to the mark.


Make sure that you select a platform you are most comfortable with. Always make a proper comparison and do not forget to check the cost of services.

It will help you manage everything in your budget as well as you will be able to get the features you are looking for. Compare the features you will get from the system with the requirements you have to get better deals and services.


What is Firebase?

Google’s BaaS service.

What is AWS Mobile Hub?

It is a amalgamation of services to build web and mobile applications

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