Healthcare apps you need to know!

With several health issues becoming common day by day, people have taken matters into their own hands by personally downloading health apps to regularly monitor their health. As mobile apps are heavily used by everyone, it is immensely easy for people to get their health updates with just a tap of their finger.

Considering how health concerns are frequent today, people are looking for medical apps for patients that will aid them effectively without having to go for a physical visit to a hospital or an infirmary.

Mobile health apps are very popular among people. According to current statistics, there are approximately 50,000 health apps scattered throughout iOS and android software combined.

But not every health app is for everyone. Some apps provide generic health updates, like heart rate and blood pressure range, etc. Then, some health apps are exclusively specific to certain health issues.

Health companies are equally immersed in providing their patients with an app that can provide an all-in-one solution for them. App development Dubai is famous for its top-notch healthcare mobile apps. They take the assistance of iPhone app developers Dubai to provide a better health solution.

Some health companies are focusing on making android health apps because of their target market. For this, they need professional android app developers that can deliver accordingly.

The burning question here is which type of healthcare you need to know to get a better understanding of your health.

Here are some healthcare apps that will come in handy for you in 2023:

Spruce Health App

This health app is a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant app. It provides a bridge of communication between healthcare professionals and patients, effectively facilitating them to get and give worthy healthcare solutions.

Spruce has an efficient inbox where patients can put in their requests, send and listen to voicemails, reply to messages and give fruitful answers to any queries.

The Spruce healthcare app provides many superior features including mobile payments, patient participation, video calling, file sharing, rotation of schedules, etc. These all combine to provide an all-encompassing solution for both healthcare providers and healthcare patients.

In addition to this, Spruce also helps small or large healthcare organizations by aiding them with a workflow automation module. Through this, they can individually respond to any messages, calls, and queries of patients. It also helps in immediately alerting appropriate personnel to a certain distress call. This way, they can provide virtual care to that patient.

The pricing policy of the Spruce healthcare app is based on a monthly membership and can be fulfilled accordingly.

Spruce is available to download for android as well as iOS.

Carb Manager

While monitoring your diseases and any other health issues are extremely salient, if you are not currently facing any health issues, you can track your current diet intake to further prevent any possible health issues in the future.

Carb Manager is a healthcare app that tracks your health by details of your meals concerning all the carbohydrates and macros you consumed during the whole day.

This app provides separate sections of protein tracker, macros tracker, etc where you can easily enter your details to get a comprehensive result regarding your daily intake. 

Through this app, you can achieve a well-maintained routine by regularly monitoring your diet to get your ideal health.

No matter if you are following Paleo, Keto, Vegan, intermittent fasting, etc, you can track anything on this app. You can make your specific diet plan on Carb Manager which will help you by keeping you on track and reaching your health goal efficiently.

With Carb manager, you can regulate your

  • Health equilibrium
  • Weight
  • Sporadic hunger needs
  • Diet plan

Furthermore, the Carb Manager app aids its users in making a concrete diet plan or regular meal routine with respective nutrients that can help in achieving a diet that is beneficial for them.

The Carb Manager health app facilitates both users of iOS and android as it is available for free download.

ADA Health App

The ADA health app asks a series of specific questions based on the algorithm developed according to the responses of users. By reviewing the answers in detail, ADA proposes the next step of help regarding each user’s health. The possible evaluation can be a diet plan or an emergency trip to the hospital for further examination.

ADA is an artificial intelligence-powered cloud-based healthcare management software. Through ADA, users can constantly track their health. It also aids healthcare professionals in providing timely and helpful care.

The ADA app has a wide range of medical information that effectively facilitates a huge number of users. The user can enter their personal information like birth date, age, previous medical history or records, medications, etc which can help them assemble their whole health information in one place.

The ADA app is free to download on iOS and android software.

Wysa Health App

The Wysa mental health app is a user-friendly and artificial intelligence chatbot-guided app. This app provides listening with professional experts that will help you in venting or speaking about any psychological issues.

This app facilitates its users in guided mental relaxation, and compassionate sessions that can mentally regulate and calm people. It also includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), meditation, yoga, abetted meditation, etc.

Launched in 2017, Wysa has over 1.3 million users in more than 30 countries. This app provides its users with self-help materials, an AI chatbot, communication with human psychologists, etc.

Mental illness does not necessarily start with severe diseases but they also include some issues that can cause discomfort in our regular daily routines. For example, many people suffer from bad sleeping schedules that hinder their whole routine.

For this, Wysa offers sleep sounds, sleep stories, and different types of meditation to regulate better sleeping patterns.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, mental health has become the most talked about issue among people and they are putting more and more emphasis on its betterment now. Many mental health apps have been launched since then facilitating people all over the world.

But Wysa has a separate fanbase in this regard. Wysa is available for free download for both iOS and android.

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