How does a mobile backend as a service work?

How does a mobile backend as a service work?
how does a mobile backend as a service work

The old days of creating the Backend of your applications have passed. Now is the era of making the Backend of your applications on cloud storage. It is all possible only because of Mobile Backend as a Service or MBaaS (BaaS).

It is a technology that helps developers develop excellent mobile and web applications without setting up Backend servers and services. The Backend service providers manage all the services, features, and servers needed to be set up for the application’s proper functionality.

It makes things very easy for the developers to focus only on developing the applications’ front end. When MBaaS is used to create the applications, many features can be easily added to the applications like the following.

  • Scalable Database
  • GraphQL and REST APIs
  • Notifications
  • User management
  • Third-party services integration

There are a lot of features for the developers that are provided by the MBaaS providers. However, here we will discuss why the developers should select this method to develop their mobile applications. We will also discuss things that you must consider in your provider when you choose one.

How do BaaS work for the developers?

When the developers are developing an application, there are two main parts that they have to work on. One is the front end that is the interface of the application. The other part is the Backend of the application, and it is the part that contains all the working and features of the applications.

  • Although an application needs to have great features, and almost all the components are the same for the applications, the user interface is also essential for every application.
  • The user interface cannot be the same for many applications, and it also has a significant impact on the client and users.

So, for making the user interface different, the developers have to make an interface for all applications. However, this work is not needed to be done for the Backend of the application. When the developers use MBaaS, they can reuse the little components provided by the MBaaS, and those components act as different features that are integrated into every application.

  • For the Backend of the applications, MBaaS provides different features like the business logic features and the data processing features. Both these types of features work in a combination.  
  • The aim is to provide the best user experience, along with the interface of the application. 

The best part about using MBaaS is that the components and features can be easily integrated into the applications in APIs that significantly reduce the Backend development time for the applications.

What are the features of BaaS?

The main feature of Backend as a Service is that it makes the application development process significantly easy for the developers. In the olden days, the developers had to write different codes for different features.

  • The applications with internet connectivity had to set up separate servers and services for each feature. 
  • Now they only have to use the BaaS platform for every feature.
  • All the services are dealt with by the provider of BaaS. 

It means that the developers can have a more comfortable application development experience with no need to care for the server’s integration, set-up, and maintenance. Additionally, the complicated server code files can also be used for different applications for developers’ ease.

What are the advantages of BaaS?

There are a lot of benefits of selecting BaaS for application development. Here we will discuss some of the features of BaaS.


Using BaaS for the development of applications takes almost no time than traditional app development methods.


As all of your server and hosting jobs will be dealt with by one platform, things will be a lot cheaper for you.

Feature Rich application development

Building your apps while using BaaS means that you can add as many features to your application as you like and need.

Increased productivity

You will only need to develop the application interface, meaning that you can create more applications in a shorter time.

Easier development

Developing an application is straightforward and simple because you do not have to learn many languages, and you can use different APIs.

What are the disadvantages of BaaS?

Everything in this world has some disadvantages, along with its advantages. So, here we will discuss some of the disadvantages of BaaS.

No control over the application

The applications developed using BaaS do not provide a lot of control to the owner as of the server management. Other services are under the supervision of your BaaS provider.

Sudden disasters

If your BaaS provider leaves or loses the data, there will be a significant problem because you will have your application not working, and you can do nothing about it.

Not great for massive projects.

Most of the BaaS providers are not significant to work on massive projects. So, if you are up for a bid project, you must go for providers like AZURE.

Shifting between different providers is almost impossible

If you have developed the application with one BaaS provider and you do not like the features or want some change, there is almost no way by which you can switch between the BaaS providers with the same application. You will have to develop the application again and again.

How to select the best BaaS provider for your project?

There are many BaaS providers that you can select, and each of them has different pricing and features. So, you must choose the one that suits your needs in the best way. Here are some things that you must consider when you are looking for a BaaS provider.

  • Proprietary vs. Open-Source technology
  • Scalable services
  • Notification support
  • APIs
  • User authentication
  • Storage services

The best BaaS providers that you can select from:


Back4app is an open-source BaaS platform with great features like a Relational database that is very easy to set-up and manage. Additionally, there are some APIs that make the development process very easy.


Parse is another open-source platform that provides Backend services for developers. This platform has a vast community of developers working here because of its great features like modular architecture.


Firebase is a BaaS provided by Google. It comes with the trusted security of Google. Additionally, you get the support for making high-quality applications in no time.


If you are looking to make the Backend of the application without having to code, Backendless is the platform. It comes with great features like a serverless Backend and excellent database management


Kinvey provides support for developing an excellent backend for the user interface of the application. It is one of the best platforms where the application’s need is to create apps performing like native apps.


BaaS can be used for a lot of features, and selecting the right provider is very important. When you are looking for a BaaS provider, make sure that you first know the qualities you are looking for in your application. It will help you a lot while developing and deploying the application.


How does a mobile backend as a service work?

It is a technology that helps developers develop excellent mobile and web applications without setting up Backend servers and services.┬áThe Backend service providers manage all the services, features, and servers needed to be set up for the application’s proper functionality.

What are the core features of a mBaaS?

– Database
– APIs
– Notificatons
– Authenticaton
– Storage

What are the best mBaaS providers?

– Back4app
– Parse
– Firebase
– Backendless
– Kinvey

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