How to use Parse Cloud Code on back{4}app


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  1. Sang Gyu, Choi
    I am very glad to meet your cloud code features. thanks for your efforts. I impressed that you quickly added "App Logs" feature which I request in your forum. thank you very much. and I hope you add "express.js" function as Parse cloud code provided with "app.js" file.
  2. Sahil
    Great work.. One question.. In my original parse app, I had many files and folder including node-modules/ directory in Cloud code folder. Should I be upload every file manually using the method shown in the above video ? It will take too long.Can I upload a zip. node_modules directory should be installed automatically. Is this the case here too ?
  3. clsource
    You could use for compiling all the code inside a single main.js file. Sure it will be super cool uploading the code via command line, but for now its fine doing it manually. browserify cloud/main.js -o main.js

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