How to use

How to use

How to get started with an easy to use Parse backend service?

Parse is giving you interesting tools to develop application’s backend on cloud. This tool will let you develop cloud functions, push notifications, database APIs and much more at one place. However, this is the time to learn how to get started developing an application with back4app. Also, how to use powerful features of Parse to like cloud code functions and databases with APIs more effectively.

We also have some subsequent sections here which are meant to offer you advanced documentations regarding how to validate users, use real-time databases, send push messages, manipulate geo-points and implement social login.

Parse-based platform

Back4app is an interesting, effective and efficient platform which is based on parse. Parse is one of the most popular open-source frameworks to offer exceptional backend services. To understand how you can get more benefits from this, you must know how to use Parse. To drive deeper into the technology of parse you can check its public repository. Also, you can check out the precise documentation to your technology.

Develop a complete application with specific guidelines

Do you want to learn deeper? This is the time for you to learn how you can create a complete application with specific guidelines in the best possible way. However, have a look at the following details which you can learn in our tutorials:

Tutorial to Make your First App

How to use technology specific guidelines?

Go with the guidelines of your specific technology which are a part of our technical documentation. This can be a more effective and best way to learn how to build an application in a quick way. You can choose your own technology on which you want to base your application. There are multiple options available here. Go with the one you need.

Available technology options are:

  1. iOS
  2. Xamarin
  3. Ionic
  4. React
  5. Android
  6. JavaScript
  7. GraphQL

How to use Parse to create specific use cases?

Here you can get better opportunities to learn how to develop different use cases. Get to know how you can utilize Parse for your specific use cases such as user authentication, user-registration, send push messages, third-party integration services, send real-time messages, and social login, etc. There are tons of options which you can utilize. Even Parse can also let you customize these solutions as per your application needs. Certainly, you have complete freedom to use these resources for your benefit.

Here are some app templates examples you can start with:

Instagram Clone App Template

Chat App Template

Events App Template

How to manage with the help of analytics?

Here you can also find effective and detailed guidance of how you can manage your application via analytics. This powerful tool can help you to get some insightful information at Parse platform. You can get to know more about your application visitors and application usage in real-time.

How to use parse?

This is right time to get complete understanding of open-source parse technology. As back4app has been built on the top of parse framework. Therefore, here you can easily find detailed information regarding how this will work.

In this guide you can get to know about:

  • Parse GraphQL and REST API
  • Parse Object
  • How to build advanced queries?
  • How to maintain security on your application with parse?

This guide will let you learn detailed knowledge of parse for every technology with ease. So, make sure to have a look at this for more benefit.

General FAQ

What is Parse?

Parse is a mobile app development platform. It allows developers to accelerate backend side development and creating amazing apps without recreating the wheel.

How to use Parse to create apps?

Here are some real-life examples:
Instagram Clone App Template
Chat App Template
Events App Template

What are the supported technologies?

Available technology options are:

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