Top 5 IaaS Providers in the United States

The IaaS platforms are ever-evolving and expanding. At present, many cloud platforms are highly used by organizations of all sizes and types. With businesses all around the globe facing continuous disruptions, considering digital transformation and technological tools like IaaS have become increasingly popular to establish successful enterprises and startups alike.

For cloud professionals in the United States, it has become vital to know about the best Infrastructure as a Service provider for organizational success and continued development.

Top 5 IaaS Providers in the United States

So, here are the top IaaS providers in the United States that you must know:

1.    AWS

AWS, aka Amazon Web Service, is a well-known cloud provider in the United States. This broadly adopted IaaS provider is offering about 165 fully-featured cloud services from its multiple data centers globally. Currently, AWS is trusted by millions of users due to the flexibility, reliability, high security, and scalability of its services.

Even more, virtual Private Cloud, Simple Storage Service, AWS Data Transfer, Elastic Compute Cloud, EC2, DynamoDB are some of the most amazing services offered by AWS.

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2.    Google Cloud

This IaaS platform is powered by Google and is also known as Google’s cloud. Just like AWS and other top IaaS providers, it offers amazing services based on different categories. Major categories include storage, database, AI, security, identity, cloud computing, and more.

Most amazingly, the services of Google Cloud also available in 61 zones, more than 200 countries, 20 regions.

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3.    Azure

Microsoft Azure is another fastest-growing IaaS provider in the United States. Even though this IaaS platform was launched years after Google cloud and AWS. However, with its lucrative cloud computing solutions, it has made its place in the top IaaS providers in the United States and around the world.

Even though predicting the revenue of Azure is a bit difficult. However, hundreds of services offered by this service provider make it amongst the most profitable IaaS providers all around the globe. Most importantly, Azure offers intelligent cloud solutions based on machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

4.    Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud was founded in 2009. The platform was built to serve the eCommerce ecosystem of Alibaba initially. However, now it is offering its services to the general public as well. The major categories in which Alibaba Cloud offers its services include:

  • Database services
  • Monitoring and management
  • Analytics and Data
  • Security
  • Applications services
  • Cloud communication and more.

5.    Digital Ocean

Even though Digital Ocean was founded in 2011, it has become one of the top IaaS providers in the United States. Even more, the services of this platform are based on a developer-first approach. Also, it has simplified its web infrastructure for both developers and businesses alike.

Moreover, this platform is also investing in making its solutions advanced to support growing teams and larger applications production.

Final thoughts

Choosing the best IaaS provider has become necessary for businesses in the US at present. However, to make the selection process easier, here we have enlisted top IaaS providers. So, you can make a better choice based on your needs with ease.

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