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JavaScript is the engine that powers the web during web development. While CSS and HTML deal with the data presented and styling presented on a page, JavaScript controls the scripted behavior of websites. Here are a few backend frameworks worth your attention.

What is JavaScript?

Often shortened as JS, JavaScript is a high-level, multi-paradigm, and often just-in-time compiled programming language, conforming to the ECMAScript specification. It features curly-bracket syntax, dynamic typing, superb functions, and object-orientation based on the prototype.

Besides CSS and HTML, JavaScript is counted among the World Wide Web’s leading technologies. JS is a vital section of web apps and activates web pages that are interactive in nature. Most websites utilize it for page behavior on the client-side, and all main web browsers possess a committed JavaScript engine for executing it.

Advantages of JavaScript 

# JavaScript code directly runs in a web browser

The biggest reason behind learning and using JavaScript is it’s a de facto language of the web. You can conduct all types of stuff in your browser without setting up code editors and environments, downloading compilers, and knowing how to use them. JavaScript is also the most popular programming language in the world.

# It is Omnipresent

JavaScript has been working in browsers since 1995 and works on the server with Node.js, works on Internet of Things devices, is used to create cross-platform desktop apps, is utilized to power smart TVs, to make music, and develop next-generation art.

# Easy to Learn

If you learn correctly, this language turns out to be relatively easier to master than other programming languages. Begin with the curriculum of online coding boot camp and start grasping the language quickly. Also, a prominent community at StackOverflow will help you.

# A Plethora of JavaScript Jobs

Learning JavaScript acquaints you with several lucrative jobs. It is the most preferred technology at this moment, with just a handful of talented experts. So, increasing your proficiency in the language helps you get a top paying tech job.

# Animations

The standard JavaScript animation library enables performant and efficient animations. All you have to do is acquire the knowledge to animate things in the browser.

# User Interactions

Build awesome user interaction experiences with the help of JavaScript. 

# Development of Games

Do you know JavaScript well and love the challenge of trying out new things? In that case, you can create crazy things on a browser by building JavaScript and HTML5 games and become a successful game developer. 

What is a Backend-as-a-Service?

Backend-as-a-Service or Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) is commonly known as a comparatively nascent development in cloud computing. Despite this, trends show that enterprise consumers are largely adopting these services. It is a model used to offer mobile app and web app developers a path to connect their apps to APIs and backend cloud storage exposed by back-end apps.

At the same time, BaaS also proffers features like push notifications, user management, and social networking integration. These services are offered through APIs (application programming interfaces) and custom SDKs (software development kits).

Benefits of Backend-as-a-Service 

BaaS makes the lives of developers easier. It was created because of the lack of talent in mobile developers and high demand for high-quality mobile apps not just on iOS, but also Android devices.

# Efficacy Gains ­ 

While it decreases the overhead of mobile app development in all respects, it heightens the efficacy at every phase of development.

# Faster Times to Market ­ 

BaaS brings down the hurdles and repetitive tasks to take a mobile app from ideation to production at up to 10x development speed with process automation.

# App Delivery with Fewer Resources ­

Apps can be developed with fewer supporting data, developers, and IT resources with BaaS.

# Tablet and Mobile ­Optimization

Providers of BaaS have contributed lots of resources and time into optimizing network and data for mobile applications and check issues of fragmentation in several devices and platforms. 

# Scalable and Secure Infrastructure ­ 

BaaS gives a bundled infrastructure that handles scalability, performance, security, and operational obstacles, allowing developers to display their proficiency.

# Stack of Common API Resources ­ 

BaaS reflects what is contemplated as a NoOps development environment, which permits developers and companies to focus only on creating the best apps with the most distinctive features. All the management and infrastructure deployment that is historically related to app development is distracted away into a backend platform.

Top 5 JavaScript Backend Providers


This outstanding BaaS provider helps developers create scalable and extensible web and mobile apps at high speed. It features automatic scaling as well as parse server-based application provisioning.

# Parse

Parse is the most utilized open-source framework for developing app backends. It expedites the app development process, reducing the level of effort needed to create an app. 


Amazon Web Services or AWS is a cloud services platform, which is secure. It offers database storage, computing power, content delivery, and other functionalities to assist businesses in growing and scaling.

# Firebase

It is a platform for developing web and mobile apps. Firebase offers developers an abundance of services and tools to build high-end apps, enhance their business, and gain more profit.

# Azure

Microsoft Azure is an ever-growing set of cloud services to aid your organization meet business challenges. Developers can build, manage, and deploy apps on a vast global network with your favorite frameworks and tools.

Examine your requirements and decide upon the framework most suited for you.


What is JavaScript?

Often shortened as JS, JavaScript is a high-level, multi-paradigm, and often just-in-time compiled programming language, conforming to the ECMAScript specification.

What are the benefits of JavaScript?

– Code directly runs in a web browser
– It is Omnipresent
– Easy to Learn
– A Plethora of JavaScript Jobs

What are the best JavaScript backends?

– Back4app
– Parse
– Firebase
– Azure

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