Kinvey vs Firebase

With the evolution of mobile application technology, it looks like there exist an application for everything at the present time. If you are an enterprise, or a developer who have a plan to tackle urgent needs of humanity with the help of a mobile application, then you might hear about BaaS platforms, Kinvey and firebase. However, when it comes to choose the best BaaS solution to support the process of your application development, then people often get confused about which solution is going to be the best to choose.

What is Kinvey?

Kinvey is one of the most amazing enterprise-centric BaaS (Backend as a Service) solutions for mobile application development. This amazing BaaS solution keeps launching new features with the passage of time to keep its users in a convenient and modern state. Kinvey is allowing its users to run their applications on a dedicated private cloud.

Kinvey has been built to enable application developers and enterprises to deliver unique mobile, chat and web applications on a faster rate. It is because Kinvey is one of the most amazing high-productivity serverless development platforms which is providing developers a complete toolkit to build multi-channel and robust applications by utilizing front end SDKs and backend based on cloud. As an effective BaaS platform, Kinvey has the ability to provide up to date solutions for the common development needs of the developers. Some of the most common solutions are including data integration, user authentication, push notification, file storage, etc. By using Kinvey, developers will be able to get a better opportunity to focus on what can provide more value to their application. They can get more time to focus on business logics, user experience and other core functionalities of their applications in an effective way. Ultimately, this application development approach will be able to enhance the productivity of developers as well as will help them to develop applications with higher quality with the help of pre developed components of Kinvey.

Kinvey Benefits

Here we have a list of some of the most amazing benefits which you can experience with Kinvey application development platform:

Decoupled development approach 

Architecture of Kinvey can encourage agile decoupled development that will allow the developers to work on different components of their applications independently and integrate them together once they are ready to use. Regardless of application size, this development practice can encourage more focus on one abstraction at time. 

Add prominence business value with unique application 

With the help of Kinvey application development platform, every organization can deliver prominent business wins with the help of an exceptional application which can be delivered even in competitive budget and low time with ease. 

Higher user adoption and satisfaction 

With the help of a mobile application which has been developed with Kinvey platform, organizations will experience a higher level of user satisfaction and user adoption because of the expedient delivery of useful features specifically the ones which have been requested by the users. 

Tons of features to make your application unique 

Latest and easy to use features of Kinvey application development platform can help the developers to gain higher level of productivity dramatically. Most amazingly, pre-built accelerators, decoupled development practices, fully-integrated cloud platform and tons of amazing features are making it a highly beneficial platform to consider. 

What is Firebase?

Although there exist numerous web, Android and iOS, application development platforms but developers are relying more and more on Firebase. It might mainly because firebase is an effective BaaS solution which is being backed by Google. Firebase is helping developers all around the world by providing them efficient and effective ways to build, grow and improve their applications. 

Firebase comes with an amazing variety of server-side technology and features; developers can get a great opportunity to accelerate their applications development process in the best possible way. Even more the plethora of services and tools which firebase is providing to its users can help them in the development of higher quality application without even spending hours on managing backend services of their applications. 

All and all, firebase is one of the most powerful application development platform which can help developers to develop sophisticated applications. In the recent time, Firebase has been emerged to prominence as an amazing power pack backend as a service solution, fortunately because of its huge range of essential features and elements which are meant to boost performance and quality of application. Even after adoption of Firebase by Google in 2014, it keeps adding incredible performance boosting elements which are making it one of the most popular backend as a service solution.


Firebase Benefits

Here we have some of the most interesting benefits of firebase solution which are certainly effective for you to know:

Unmatchable reporting scale 

Firebase is a powerful solution which comes with an unmatched reporting scale. Firebase analytics are the most prominent benefit of this platform which can allow you access to unlimited reports on a large number of different events. Even more, developers can also create custom reporting events as per their application needs. 

Real-time database for data synchronization 

This is another great benefit of Firebase which is making it an attractive solution to consider. Firebase offers the opportunity to manage real-time databases that will allow data synchronization with the help of NoSQL cloud database services. 

Accelerate development process 

With firebase you don’t have to be worried about the backend and infrastructure of your application. You only have to focus on user experience and business logic. While, ready to use backend services will ultimately help you to save much of your development time. 

Well, here it is highly important for you to understand that selection of a BaaS solution majorly depends on the needs of your application. While, all the BaaS solutions comes up with their own kind of features and benefits. So, have a look at the above-mentioned benefits of each product and choose the one which can suit your business or application needs. 

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What is Kinvey?

Kinvey is an enterprise-centric BaaS (Backend as a Service) solutions for application development.

What is Firebase?

Firebase is an effective BaaS solution which is being backed by Google.

What are the benefits of Kinvey?

– Low code architecture
– Enterprise focus
– App accelerators

What are the benefits of Firebase?

– Backed by Google
– Scalability
– Large number of features available

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