The Best mBaaS For Your iOS App

The Best mBaaS For Your iOS App

Are you looking to develop an iOS app? The Mobile Backend-as-a-Service providers are becoming popular with time. Mobile Backend-as-a-Service providers have been in the market for a while, many developers are using it, and they are becoming more successful than before. The mBaaS platforms deliver value mainly in 3 ways:

  • Reducing development time (launch to the market quicker)
  • Saving money with engineering hours
  • Let developers focus on company core business

Well, this article is all about the Mobile Backend-as-a-Service mBaaS providers, and the top 5 most popular of them right now in the market. Let us get started with them in detail. Below, a quick overview of the best mBaaS providers to help you to create your next iOS app.

iOS overview

iOS is an Operating system developed by Apple for its products. It works with the following product lines:

  • iPhone
  • iPads
  • Apple TV

Although iOS users encompass only 20% of the worldwide mobile phone market share, they have higher earning power and are more willing to use expensive apps that deliver great value.

The Best 5 iOS mBaaS Providers

If you are new into this, and still wondering about the direction which you have to choose for the future, listed below are the top 5 Mobile Backend-as-a-Service mBaaS providers that you can learn about and start working on your business right now.

1.     Back4App

This Mobile Backend-as-a-Service mBaaS provider has a simple open-source framework tata is straightforward and easy to understand. Even if you are new to using it, even then you will be able to use it very easily, you will find it very comfortable, flexible and scalable. Due to their exciting features, it is becoming popular among developers. If we talk about the price range of this Mobile Backend-as-a-Service mBaaS providers, then it is very flexible too. You can change, increase or decrease it, depending on the needs that you have from it. The pricing structure can be easily transformed. Other than this, they have a very nice customer service system which can help you with any queries that you have.

Free Tier: Yes

Paid Plans: @5/mo

Hosting Services: Yes

Main Features: GUI Database, GraphQL API, CMS dashboard, etc.

To know more about Back4app’s features, please click here.

2.     Parse

This is another Mobile Backend-as-a-Service mBaaS providers for the mBaaS iOS. It was mainly started by the Parse and collaborated with Facebook in the year 2013. However, this collaboration didn’t work for a very long time and they decided to stop this project in 2016. From this year on, the open-source was started which produced better results. This is how it became an open-source platform for users. It started its own blogs and some community platforms. So, there are so many benefits to using it.

Free Tier: Free to download.

Hosting Services: No.

Main Features: GUI Database, GraphQL API, CMS dashboard, etc.

3.     Apple CloudKit

Well, just like the other Mobile Backend-as-a-Service mBaaS providers, the Apple CloudKit is a little different. It is exclusively made for iPhone users. They can easily use this Mobile Backend-as-a-Service mBaaS provider for transferring their data from the iPhone device into the cloud container which they are using for a very long time now. Now what this Mobile Backend-as-a-Service mBaaS provider does is that it helps in using the data stored in your phone to be stored in the cloud container kit. In this way, the user is able to connect to that transferred data through multiple devices. Other than just the access of the user, the data can be made public for the other people to access it too.

Free Tier: Yes

Paid Plans: See the pricing page.

Hosting Services: Yes

Main Features: Automatic syncing, simple sharing, management dashboard, etc

4.     AWS Amplify

It’s an open-source mBaaS framework that runs on top of the AWS cloud. The user has also the option to download the framework and self-host in any cloud. The framework works pretty well for the iOS operating system and there a vast quantity of libraries available for this purpose. Below, the highlights of this provider:

Free Tier: Yes, option to download the framework.

Paid Plans: Pay by usage. See the pricing page.

Hosting Services: Yes

Main Features: Datastore, authentication, AR & VR, Notifications, API, Offline sync, and more.

5.     Firebase

The Firebase Mobile Backend-as-a-Service mBaaS provider was acquired by Google and they are investing on this platform since then. They provide a very comprehensive set of features that ranges from analytics to machine learning.

Free Tier: Yes

Paid Plans: @25/month or Pay as you Go

Hosting Services: Yes

Main Features: Real-time database, cloud hosting, analytics, ready to use APIs, file storage, and more.


Above, we presented five great mBaaS options for iOS development. Feel free to choose the platform that fits you best and meets your next software project needs.

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