Oracle Mobile Hub: Top 5 Alternatives

Oracle Mobile Hub: Top 5 Alternatives

Oracle mobile hub is one of the best mobile platforms which can bring amazing and better opportunities to build, deploy and manage mobile applications quickly. This is not only offering real-time data access but also bringing better opportunities to manage multiple APIs in a more effective way. Even more, it will let developers connect the application with on-demand third-party systems with ease.

Top 5 Oracle Mobile Hub Competitors

Here are some top alternatives to Oracle mobile hub which you must know:


Back4App is one of the most effective, scalable, and flexible solution which can help you to manage application development in the best possible way. you can manage your entire backend services more conveniently. Even you can get better application hosting services to manage entire things at the same platform.


  • REST and GraphQL API
  • User and email authentication
  • Real-time databases
  • Cross-platform SDKs

To know more about Back4pp features, please read here.


  • Highly optimized storage
  • Essential security features
  • 24/7 support services
  • Smoother migration.

This is a great platform that can enable developers to embed highly powerful data integration services and ensure end-user connectivity to let them experience more convenience and ease in the best possible way.


  • Leverage a flexible suite
  • Quick to scale services
  • Essential security features


  • Based on highly trusted technology
  • Best opportunity to avoid technical stress.
  • Flexible and scalable services


Kinvey is one of the most effective mobile solutions which is offering wide range of ready to use services and will help the developers to avail easier application management solutions in a more effective way. This can also allow them to utilize native and cross-platform applications. Along with this, user can also get better and more effective rapid to market options.


  • Drag and drop builder
  • Access to complete source code
  • Code sharing between mobile and web platforms
  • Data-connected templates


  • Easy to build backend
  • Auto-scale
  • Flexible support for modifications
  • Easier to integrate services

IBM mobile Foundation

This is a highly secure mobile access gateway which is meant to simplify integration processes with cloud and backend services. IBM mobile foundation can deliver enterprise-grade capabilities to design and support unique and next-generation application development and deployment solutions.


  • App lifecycle management
  • Cognitive APIs for mobile
  • Comprehensive security features
  • Microservices access
  • A/B Testing
  • Offline sync


  • Develop intelligent applications
  • Comprehensive tools stack
  • Real-time feedback
  • Streamlined repeatable processes for incremental applications

Salesforce Heroku

This platform is meant to help developers in creating and deploying cloud applications. This can bring a responsive layout to the users and can provide comprehensive tools and services to integrate and automate processes with third-party programs. This can help the developers to manage applications which are coded in open programming languages such as Ruby, Java and PHP.


  • AI Services
  • Process Automation
  • Integration Services


  • Scalable services to manage automatic updates
  • Flexible cloud infrastructure
  • Easier to manage application development lifecycle.
  • It can automate application development processes effortlessly.


There are multiple alternatives to Oracle mobile hub are available in the market. We have brought some of top options for you. You can get a better chance to choose any of the available options as per your needs. Have a look at complete overview of top Oracle mobile hub competitors to make a better decision.

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What is Oracle Mobile Hub?

Oracle mobile hub is one of the best mobile platforms which can bring amazing and better opportunities to build, deploy and manage mobile applications quickly.

What are the alternatives to Oracle Mobile Hub?

– Back4app
– Built Io
– Kinvey
– Heroku
– IBM Mobile Foundation

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