Parse dashboard open sourced! Parse won’t die

Parse dashboard open sourced! Parse won’t die

Last Friday, giving further evidence that the powerful Parse open source framework will not die, Parse developer’s team opened the Dashboard code. The dashboard is one of the main components on Parse platform together with the Parse Server and Database.

After this code release, Parse users who have already performed Parse hosted service migration to Parse Server may deploy a Parse Dashboard instance on their own server and manage their apps using it.

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If you are still developing your app on Parse it will be possible, after migration and Dashboard deployment, to use this new Dashboard to finish and launch your app. For those that have apps still running on now its possible to migrate to your own Parse Server and use the Data Browser, edit your Parse Config, use the API console, view your Cloud Code and logs through your own dashboard. Looking at the whole context is easy to add new features to Parse Dashboard because is an open source and completely separate project from Parse Server.

We can see that after this Parse team contribution to open source community more developers are engaging and collaborating with the Parse Open Source project. It’s not overestimating imagine that the Parse framework will become the most important framework for backend development.

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