Parse Download

Parse Download

Facebook decided to no longer host apps on its developer platform Parse and released an Open Source version of the product. The Open Source version is called Parse Server and can be download using the button below. 

Parse Server Download


The link will direct you to Github where you will be able to download Parse Server .

How to run Parse?

You have the following options to run Parse Server. 

  • Run locally
  • Create your own Parse Server 
  • Parse Server Hosting

Please use the Parse Server wiki to select the best option for you. 

Parse Server Wiki

What’s Parse?

Parse is an open-source framework used to accelerate mobile app development. It allows you to create amazing apps without reinventing the wheel.

How to download Parse?

You can download Parse on Github. Please access it here.

How to run Parse?

– You can run locally
– Self host your app
– Use Parse hosting services like Back4app

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