Parse Push Notification Alternatives

Developing any software from scratch is not the best and the most efficient solution. Even if you take the modules for the application and connect them to make your backend, this will still not be as efficient. It is the reason why most developers these days use managed backends where they only need to design the frontend of the application.

One thing that this makes very easy is the services like push notifications. With these managed by the backend provider, there is no need to manage things like hosting and server connections. Here we will discuss more Parse and its push notification services in detail.

What is Parse?

As we mentioned above, most developers like to use managed backend for their applications; Parse is one of the world’s leading and the most popular backend services provider used by most developers. Using its services, a developer can make the application, whether it is a mobile app or a web app, quickly. Some of its features are:

  • Push notifications
  • File system
  • Data modeling and many more.

What is a Push Notification?

Have you ever got a notification from an application even when you are not using the application? That notification that you receive when the application is installed, but it is currently not in use or even in use, is called the push notification.

It is a feature that is specifically made to make alerts for the users of different platforms. This feature brings a lot of value for the company and the user because it makes sharing the news and information about discounts very easy.

Advantages of a Push Notification

There are a lot of advantages and benefits of having push notifications integrated with your application. Some of them are elaborated below.

Better engagement with the application

When you have made an application to sell your services or products, push notification will be a very efficient way to increase user engagement over the application. With every notification sent, if the user checks your app, making some sales increases.

Easier than email marketing

Nobody wants their email inbox to be full of useless emails. That is why people these days do not subscribe to newsletters. In this case, push notifications are a great option because installing the application will make the user get these notifications.

Better retargeting of your users

The best marketing is when you get a recurring customer. With the help of efficient push notifications, you can retarget your old customers in a great way.

Easy and cheap marketing in real-time

Rather than getting the marketing services, including push notifications service in your application will be a great option. It is because this can do real-time marketing, and it is cheap as well.

Efficient in terms of time management

One-click, and you can send the push notifications to all your users. It means that you do not have to spend a lot of time on marketing management.

Top 5 Best Parse Push Notification Alternatives

Sometimes using Parse for the push notifications services is not enough. In this case, the best option is to switch to alternatives. Here we have done all the research work for you and picked the best five choices to Parse push notifications that you can try.

1.    Back4App

One of the most popular and most used platforms for the managed backend services, Back4App is the platform that provides fantastic push notification services. Here you can send push notifications to your app using the cloud code, making it very easy for you to send them.

2.    Firebase

If you want to make the users of your application present on the client side about an event that is currently available, then using Firebase will be a great option. Google manages Firebase, so there is no compromise on the reliability of the services.

3.    OneSignal

Although many providers focus on many services, this is a platform that focuses on nothing but notifications. It helps in a better quality of services, and it also does them the most used notification service in the whole world.

4.    Backendless

Backendless provides the push notifications services that no other alternatives provide. Some of its highlights are easy to create and easy to customize push notification templates. Along with that, cross-platform support is also available.

5.    Kumulos

Kumulos focuses more on mobile applications and provides push notifications for mobile applications. Here you can expect a better outcome because of the highly engaged user base because of these notifications.


Push notifications can be a great way to make your users engaged with your app, whether it is a web app or a mobile app. Here we had an insight into this feature and its benefits.

We also shared some of the best alternatives to Parse that you can use if you are looking to integrate push notification services in your app.


What is Parse?

Leading app development open-source framework.

What are push-notifications?

Push notifications are solely a method of notifying users of the information they have opted-in to from applications and services. 

What are the best Parse push-notifications alternatives?

– Back4app
– Firebase
– One Signal
– Backendless
– Kumulos

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