Parse Server vs Google Firebase

Parse Server vs Google Firebase
Parse Server vs Google Firebase

In 2020 Parse Server and Google Firebase are the two most used backend platforms. Reading this article you will learn the differences between these two amazing app development platforms.

Google has been devoted a lot to improve Google Firebase from the last few years. It can provide a uniform platform to develop android, web and iOS applications. Notifications, indexing, Ad Mob, analytics, authentication, test lab, VR/AR, are some of the most interesting features which have been introduced in the latest versions of Google Firebase. However, on the other hand, Parse Server can also be an amazing option to build new applications and APIs. However, to know more about both of these solutions, digging deep into Parse Server vs Google Firebase can be an effective idea. So, have a look at the Parse Server vs Google Firebase given below, to know which of these platforms can be the best for your project. 

Parse Server vs Google Firebase

Google Firebase 

There are various android, iOS and web based applications available in the market which are backed by Google Firebase. Firebase is one of the most interesting Backend as a Service platforms which can also be used to host mobile and web applications. The development platform of Firebase is running on Google Cloud and it has some of the most striking features which can be beneficial for anyone. 

Interesting features of Google Firebase

Do you want to know some of the most interesting features of Google Firebase which are making it one of the best platforms? Here we have enlisted some of its key features which will be effective for you to know:


Google Firebase can help developers to store data in JSON format. This format is available via Client libraries or REST API readily. However, data will be stored in cloud and users can access that anytime, anywhere. 

Real-time Data Sync 

Firebase design is based on model-server scheme. This model is effective for interactive web and mobile applications. Because every change will be updated in real-time to the entire registered clients. It will let data to sync on users’ devices automatically. While, features like cloud managing and remote customization will let the developers update application variables immediately.


Hosting of application is one of the most major concerns of developers. However, while working with the Firebase they don’t have to be worried about this. Because it can provide hosting effectively. Firebase works with a central database which can let you update all the users in real-time. 

Security and authentication 

Firebase can let developers to utilize cross platform APIs for android and iOS applications. It can support JS too with flexible security. Furthermore, developers can perform authentication too through their Google and social accounts. 

Some other features of Google Firebase are crash reporting, app testing, Firebase console, remote configuration, and many more. 

Parse Server 

Parse Server is an open-source backend solution which is being supported by a massive community of developers. With time, Parse Server has overcome all the shortcomings of parse while keeping all the good features of that platform. Parse Server is a self-hosted solution which can let developers to create new Android and iOS applications and APIs. 

Key features of Parse Server 

Here are some of the most amazing features of Parse Server you must know:

Data Storage 

Parse Server is utilizing Amazon S3 bucket to store files. It can also offer latest database functionality. However, users can choose file system as per their needs. Parse Server can also let you store JSON files as backup which can be retrieved when needed. Users can also construct live queries to fetch data accordingly.


Parse Server supports Express Web Application framework. However, it required a Node.js based infrastructure. Once data is ready in database then no significant changes are required to run applications. 

Pointer permission 

It can offer data security without making any changes to client code. Latest update in Parse Server is pointer permission which you can acquire via its latest version.

Easier to use dashboard 

Parse Server comes up with a simple dashboard which can let you configure and manage your applications with ease. 

No vendor lock-in 

Parse Server offers a complete control over application codes. Developers can migrate whenever needed. Furthermore, Parse Server is offering more stability as compared to any vendor-based platform. While, a powerful developers’ community background is another plus for this platform. 

Parse Server vs Google Firebase: A quick comparison 

Do you want to know which of these two platforms can be better for you? Have a look at the information given below:

  1. Both of these platforms can host iOS, android, and web applications. 
  2. Google Firebase isn’t offering complete access to its IP ownership and source code. 
  3. REST API of Firebase takes some time to be implemented. 
  4. Reporting tools of Firebase are not that strong.
  5. Firebase doesn’t support simple geo queries. 
  6. Parse offers superior cloud code. 
  7. Firebase offers AR/VR feature. 
  8. Parse Server is supporting both REST and GRAPHQL APIs. 
  9. Firebase can lead to vendor lock. 
  10. Firebase works with REST API only. 

Quick Comparison Table:

Features Parse Server Google Firebase 
General Purpose Open-source platform Proprietary Technology
Hosting Specialized Parse hosting services, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba, DigitalOcean, etcGoogle Cloud Only
Database It can Support vast relationship database. Google Firebase supports Model-observer scheme. However, storage has been introduced to upload and download files too. 
Custom code YesYes
Setup Quick setup with step-by-step and easy to follow instructions.  Setting up Google Firebase is super easy.  
Push It can support push notifications for every application. You can send push notifications campaigns too. Push notification and Firebase remote configuration support is available. 
Storage Multiple cloud storage providers are available. It supports Google Cloud Only
Provider Parse Open-Source CommunityDeveloped by Google 
Best forGeneral purpose applications Real-Time applications 

What are the major differences between Parse Server and Google Firebase?

Here are 4 major differences between these two platforms:
– Google Firebase is proprietary and Parse Server is Open-source. 
– Parse can run on different cloud platforms while Google Firebase can run on Google Cloud only. 
– Parse supports both GraphQL and REST APIs. 
– Firebase supports REST API only. 

Is Parse Server an open source platform?

Yes, this platform was developed by Facebook. However, Facebook open sourced it in 2016. Till, now a huge community of developers is supporting this platform and this can be used freely now. 

Is Google Firebase an open-source platform?

No, Google Firebase is owned by Google and is a proprietary framework.  

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