Top 10 React Native Components

React Native is offering isolated UI components that can make your app development process more convenient and more comfortable. Using these components, libraries are meant to help you accelerate your application development processes in the best possible way. 

However, knowing about the top React Native components will help you to make better decisions with ease. Here we will overview the top React Native components to let you understand things more effectively.

React Native Overview

React Native is one of the most amazing JavaScript-based application frameworks that is meant to develop natively rendered mobile applications for android and iOS. You can utilize the same codebase to develop applications for multiple platforms with React Native. 

The best 10 React Native Components:

Do you want to know about the best react native components? Let’s have a look at the top options given below in this regard:

Native Base

Native Base is a library existing since the early days of React Native to support cross-platform user-interface components. It is offering a rich components list that seems pretty out of the box. It offers basic support for every component and offers pre-defined configuration for multiple components with every possible use case.

For example, it also supports custom styling with the picker component that will allow you to:

  • Add placeholder 
  • Set an icon 
  • Have a custom back button 
  • Add a custom header and more. 

React Native Paper

React Native Paper is a cross-platform UI library of React Native that is based on the Material Design of Google. It is offering production-ready and easier to customize components. It also offers theming support, due to which applying themes to any specific components is easier.

Light and dark are two default themes of this library. However, the React Native vector icons library is essential to support and utilize icons properly. It can also support the web via React Native web.


Teaset is another fantastic addition to the React Native library set. It is basically a user interface library that is featuring more than 20 pure JS ES6 for its component content classes. With plenty of appreciation, Teaset is an ideal solution for the ones who have a knack for design and simplicity. It is mainly focusing on action control and content display. 

React Native Elements

React Native Elements is one of the easiest and simplest ways to get started with. It is generally a cross-platform user interface kit. However, this toolkit can offer you an array of built-in components with more of a basic structure only, instead of following an opinionated design system. 

  • Due to which you certainly can have more control over how you are going to customize components. 
  • However, this library’s customization process involves a blend of React Native core API props with some custom props as well. 
  • The React Native Elements package includes a whole components’ bucket, including pricing, overlay, badge, platform-specific search bars, divider, etc. 

To use React Native Elements for web-based projects, developers can access react native web. 

Overall, React Native Elements is meant to let you create adaptive and fast UI quickly. 

Material Kit React Native

Material Kit component is offering a native application template for free with material design. The component is built with the Galio framework and meant to let you redesign components to keep things in tune and minimal. 

It comes up with over 200 handcrafted elements, including navigation, inputs, cards, buttons, etc.. You can make changes to the theme to bring color variations in all components. 

Overall, it is super easy to use the library, which comes up with 5 example pages and five customized plugins as well. However, you can also have access to its pro version as well, which can let you get more examples with ease. 

React Native UI Kitten

UI Kitten is a react native library that you can use as a starter kit for mobile applications of any domain, even eCommerce as well. It is also an Eva Design System’s React Native Implementation. 

However, this library is offering a 20 general-purpose components’ set that is meant to take care of visual components. It is an open-source and forever free library, which can let you use its available themes. You can also customize these to build your own themes as well without even changing the components’ source code. 

It can also let you switch between dark and light themes in runtime. There is no need to reload the theme for this. 

Lottie for React Native

Lottie is a library which can let you add animations in your applications. Lottie helps you to add your adobe after effects created animations in your applications with ease. 

Lottie plugins and libraries are available to use for free. It allows you to utilize curated collections of animations to make applications more interesting and attractive. 

Nachos UI

Nachos UI library is offering 30+ components that can be used in any JS and react native project. It can keep you stress-free for styling any of your required components. You can easily customize components to the style that is suitable for your project with ease. 

React Native Vector Icons

Vector Icons is a fantastic React Native components library if you want to add icons to your application because it contains more than 3000 icons. Due to this, it can offer you almost everything that is ideal for your needs. 

Additionally, this library can let you style, extend, and customize icons when you are integrating these into your project. 

Overall, it can be the best library to use for your apps icons. 

React Native UI Lib

UI Lib is a react native library that is developed and maintained by Wix. It offers you a complete toolset to build high-quality native applications. Fortunately, it supports all versions of React Native to make things easier for you. Overall, it is offering 20+ UI components, all of which are easier to integrate. 


The above list of the ten best React Native components is based on actively maintained components that you can use for your applications with ease. Make sure to go with the right option that can suit your app requirements in the best possible way so that you can make the most out of these React Native components easily.


What is React Native?

React Native is one of the most amazing JavaScript-based application frameworks that is meant to develop natively rendered mobile applications for android and iOS. You can utilize the same codebase to develop applications for multiple platforms with React Native. 

Why use React Native?

– Cross-Platform
– Reuse code
– Saves time and costs

What are the best React Native components?

– Native Base
– React Native Paper
– Teaset
– React Native Elements
– Material Kit React Native
– React Native UI Kitten
– Lottie
– Nachos UI
– React Native Vector Icons
– UI Lib

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