List of Serverless, FaaS, and Baas Providers

As the technologies are constantly advancing, the life of computer users is becoming easier. Especially with the websites and applications developed for the mobiles are increasing the level of productivity a lot.

However, at the developers’ end, things are getting complex. It is because they have to develop the same application to work on different devices seamlessly.

Simultaneously, there are features like internet connectivity, networking, and other security features that make the overall development process complex and lengthy.

As a solution to this problem and for the ease of the developers, several platforms provide their services, and here we will discuss those platforms and their services. 

What does Serverless mean?

Whenever an application is developed, it requires some resources to work on, especially when it needs to go online.

This hardware resource is called the Server that lets the application go online, and Serverless application development means that you are making an application without managing a server.

It is because the backend services provider that you have selected provides the server resources through cloud technology.

What does FaaS mean?

FaaS or Function as a Service means that you do not have to manage the complex infrastructure of developing and building the applications as a developer. However, taking the cloud functions as a service, you can manage all the application functions.

As there is no need to build the applications, the functionalities you require can also be used without launching the application.

What does BaaS mean?

Any application or software is developed in two parts. One is the frontend, and the other one is the backend. While the frontend development is more like designing the application user interface, the backend means managing and dealing with resources like hardware and servers. 

When we talk about the backend as a service, the application is divided into three parts. The front end remains the same while the backend moves to cloud resources managed by the service providers.

At the same time, Backend as a Service is used as a middle layer to connect the cloud resources and the application’s front end. It is usually done with the help of APIs and SDKs.

The top 10 Serverless, FaaS, and BaaS providers

Looking for a service provider can be a very tricky thing because there are many options, and each of them has its different features. Additionally, each of the service providers is not as reliable. If you are looking for the best services, here is the list of the best 10 service providers you can select.

1.    Back4App

If you are looking to develop an application with very little need to code, this is the best platform you can choose. There is a wide range of options that you can go for, and the best part is the REST API and GraphQL API that you can use for even easier development of feature-rich application software.

2.    Parse

Parse Server is a platform that provides the basic functionalities for application developers who are looking for a reliable backend for their application. Not only is the development process very easy because of the Target Installation technique, but its support for several different operating systems also makes it best for those who want amazing performance.

3.    Firebase

Google Cloud is a platform that has a lot of products with different features. Firebase is one of them, and it is the BaaS or Backed as a Service platform that comes with the next-generation application development features. There is no need to write the whole code for any simple feature with its compatibility with API.

4.    Kinvey

Sometimes the time constraints needed for the development of an application are very important to follow. Kinvey is the platform that takes care of this platform by allowing the developers to develop their applications quickly. However, the resource options here are the best, even if you are looking for an enterprise-level application.

5.    Backendless

A VADP(Visual app Development Platform) combines with API and Database and all other necessary functionalities needed for application development under one interface. Not only this, but it also has an option to develop a well-performing and attractive interface for the application.

Other than that, the features like real-time chatting and geolocation-based functionalities make it a perfect choice for most applications, whether you are developing for computer, mobile, or web.

6.    Twilio Functions

It is a serverless environment that one can use for the applications that are to be launched in front of a huge audience. A scalability is an option here, along with many basic functionalities necessary for business applications. Additionally, the security features are also amazing here.

7.    AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is also a Function as a Service provided by AWS. It is one of the best choices if you are looking to run the function code without building the applications. With thousands of requests per day and scalability options, this can be very efficient for the development needs.

8.    Cloudflare Workers

Cloudflare Workers is the serverless application development platform provided by Cloudflare. Apart from all the features that it provides, the best part of using it is that there is no need to set it up, saving a lot of time.

9.    Google Cloud Functions

Its name may tell you that it is a FaaS, but it is a serverless platform for building and developing applications on cloud technology. When you select it as the platform for your application, you code in a fully managed environment with many features to add to your application.

10. IBM Cloud Functions

The last of our list here is IRM cloud functions that are a Function as a Service platform, meaning that you do not have to deal with managing things for app launching and building.

Final Remarks

Selecting the right service provider for your application can provide a lot of value for your application development experience and the users. So, here we discussed some of the best platforms and service providers that you can use.


What is FaaS?

FaaS stands for Function as a Service

What is BaaS?

Baas stands for Backend as a Service

What are the best serverless, FaaS, and Baas Providers?

– Back4app
– Parse
– Kinvey
– Backendless
– Firebase
– Google Cloud Functions
– Twilio Functions
– IBM Functions
– CloudFlare Workers
– AWS Lambda

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