Top 10 Startups using Expressjs

When a platform is based on the web, it opens many doors for several possibilities. These benefits are for every user and for the platform itself, but the best thing among all of the other things is that it makes the platform run on every device with a browser and an internet connection that everyone has these days. 

The only confusion here is that there are a lot of frameworks and technologies that can be used for developing web-based platforms. While selecting the right one can be difficult for you, setting your requirements straight will help you a lot.

What is Expressjs?

There are a lot of web development frameworks available today. While some of them work on the front end, some are made for the backend of these applications.

Expressjs is one of the web development frameworks available today that works for backend web development. It is not only the perfect choice for building an amazing web application backend, but it also supports developing APIs.

It’s based on the Javascript programming language and helps software developers to accelerate the application development process.

An interesting thing about Expressjs is that it is available as open-source software. Now Expressjs has been called the de facto standard server framework for all the development work on Node.js.

Expressjs comes with a lot of benefits for the developers, and here are some of them:

  • Very easy to learn and simple to implement
  • Developing server side web apps
  • Reducing the development process time
  • Debugging is faster than ever
  • Quick scalability
  • Less cost for developing and maintaining the application
  • Supports caching
  • A huge community of developers is currently working on it.

Top 10 Startups using Expressjs

Expressjs is an amazing framework for making the backend of your web applications well-functioning.

It is the reason why a lot of popular platforms that we see today have started with Expressjs. According to Stackshare, here are ten of the best startups that use Express JS on their tech stack.

1.     BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar is an application that brings an amazing platform for drivers and passengers. Here people can communicate who are willing to travel together inter and intra city.

In this way, both parties can save costs for traveling. The company here works only as a broker, so the whole thing is very beneficial for itself.

2.     Plaid

Plaid is another financial services company based in America. It is developed using Expressjs, which enables it to connect with its users’ bank accounts for data transfer. Plaid is the company that powers different digital finance products, bringing many benefits for its users.

3.     Trustpilot

Trustpilot is the platform that came into the market with a very innovative idea in 2007. Almost every customer is using it to get an idea about different businesses.

It is a consumer review website where reviews on businesses from all over the world are available. The amazing thing is that this platform has a huge user base with more than 1 million reviews every month.

It is one of the best online customer review platforms because it keeps things centralized, which means that all the customer reviews are present in one place. It helps keep things easy for those concerned about their experience.

4.     Paytm

The most important thing that needs to digitize in the digital world is our payment methodology. A company from India is providing its amazing services to people in India.

Paytm is a multinational company that provides a digital payment system not only for every average customer but also for amazing services for e-commerce solutions and financial services.

5.     Yousign

Every business needs a signature. While large businesses can easily manage things, there are issues for smaller and medium businesses. Yousign is the platform that solves all such issues without any problem.

It provides e-signature services for all small and medium businesses for all their documents. The best part is that it is very easy to use and provides legally binding services without installing any software.

6.     Bagelcode

Well, the name is somewhat self-explanatory if you are a developer. It is a company that provides development services. It is focused on the development of online game software.

Apart from online web-based gaming, it provides amazing mobile game development services and casino game development services.

7.     Practo

The doctors cannot tell the issue you are facing without seeing you. While sometimes it is not possible to see one another because of the physical distances, Practo is the startup that uses Expressjs and provides a video consultation platform to people worldwide. Here, people can consult with their doctors, but they can also book appointments.

8.     Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms available today. The mode of social networking done here is based on microblogging which means people can post short updates here.

These microblogs that any registered user can post on the platform are Tweets. Users worldwide can interact with the posts by sharing, liking, and commenting posts.

It also makes an amazing platform for the people who are not willing to register because they can see everything happening publicly, but they are not allowed to do anything.

In this way, the whole thing is a lot more fun for those who are looking to explore more. Similarly, a user’s privacy is not at a stake which is looking to keep things private.

9.     Pipedrive

Pipedrive is another software service company that provides mobile and web development services. It also provides a sales CRM tool (Customer Relationship Management). All of this comes with some amazing benefits, including being a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) company.

10.  Pedidosya

People live such a busy life today that most of us do not have time to get all we need. Well, Pedidosya is the platform that can deliver everything that we need right on our doorstep.


Selecting the right tools, technologies, and framework is the first and the most important step for developing any application or software. The reason is that you cannot go without proper planning as things can get worse midway.

So, if you are also looking forward to developing an application, you must do proper research for the frameworks you will use. In any case, Expressjs is one of the best Javascript development frameworks that you can use today.


What is Express JS?

Expressjs is one of the web development frameworks available today that works for backend web development.

What are the top ten startups using Express JS?

– BlaBlaCar
– Plaid
– Trustpilot
– Paytm
– Yousign
– Bagelcode
– Practo
– Twitter
– Pipedrive
– Pedidosya

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