Top 10 Startups using Meteor on their tech stack

This article will explore ten of the best startups using Meteor on their tech stack.

JavaScript frameworks are indispensable tools in the modern JavaScript-led internet. It minimizes the time take to build an application from scratch by providing a code library with pre-written code for routine tasks and features, allowing organizations to save time and overhead associated with app building.

Meteor is one such framework that is used to produce cross-platform code available since 2012 and is used by some really popular startups in their tech stack.

Continue reading as we take a deeper look at what Meteor is and then discuss some organizations using the said framework to implement various features.

What is Meteor?

Meteor is a free, open-source, full-stack, isomorphic JavaScript framework written in Node.js that allows rapid prototyping to build and deploy web, mobile, and desktop applications in JavaScript.

In software architecture, it utilizes the DDP client-server protocol and publish-subscribe messaging pattern to propagate data changes, thereby eliminating the need to write a separate synchronization code.

Being a full-stack framework, it provides compatible, shareable code that can be used to power both the frontend and backend of a tech stack, further reducing the associated development time and costs.

It is much more convenient to use; the LiveReload feature allows developers to visualize the changes without rebuilding the project or refreshing the page.

Meteor is augmented with Galaxy, a platform-as-a-service implementation running on AWS to host Meteor apps. When bundled, Meteor and Galaxy significantly reduce the time organizations spend on DevOps and deployment with the help of a single line of code.

In the next section, take a look at some of the top startups around the world utilizing Meteor in their tech stack. For new developers, this can serve as an insight into the various features which can be implemented using Meteor.

Top 10 Startups Using Meteor

According to StackShare, here are ten of the best startups using Meteor.

  • Rocket Chat

Rocket Chat is a fully customizable, enterprise-grade communications platform with high data security features built into it. It enables teams to collaborate in real-time with the help of public and private chat rooms with audio and video call support, along with file-sharing protocols.

The premium versions also include social media integration, allowing organizations to communicate with partners, vendors, customers, etc., from a single interface.

  • Medicus AI

Medicus is an innovative B2B2C digital health platform that supports the diagnostics industry. The platform empowers users to visualize and interpret their health data from diagnostic tests, explaining to them their medical reports in a personalized manner.

It implements a medical reasoning engine to translate lab test reports into biomarker readings and uses the data to provide deeper insights and health tips.

  • InMobi

InMobi is one of the leading mobile marketing platforms that leverages mobile intelligence and technology platforms to identify, acquire, understand, and engage consumers.

It provides a suite of products and services that can be used by organizations to bolster their marketing campaigns, acquire high-quality users, understand consumer behavior, and maximize ROI with compelling creatives. The platform has been used by several popular names like Unilever, Modelez International, L’Oreal, Ponds, etc.

  • Namely

Namely is an all-in-one platform for managing the HR data of small and medium enterprises from a single interface. It provides a modern and intuitive platform to manage payroll services, full employee lifecycle, tools for employee engagement, create benefits strategies, and mitigate people-centric compliance risks.

  • Dutchie

Dutchie is an American all-in-one tech platform powering the cannabis industry with digital solutions. It provides e-commerce, payments, and point of sales tools to cannabis businesses, allowing them to grow their operations by reaching a wider audience.

Consumers can directly browse the closest shops in their location and shop a variety of cannabis products from their online store.

  • Stoplight IO

Stoplight IO is a popular API design management tool that can be used to design, develop, and test HTTP APIs using industry standards.

The API design and documentation platform is used by several popular organizations like Spotify, Sendgrid, and Schneider Electric to design and develop highly functional APIs and provide an amazing developer experience for internal and external developers.

  • Shelf IO

Shelf IO is an answer automation platform that aids consumer contact teams to surface the best answers to their agents and customers. Shelf’s AI enables companies to find the appropriate surface answers, responses, and recommendations to find the most accurate solution to a query with the help of expert knowledge management.

  • Powersports Auction

Founded in 2016, Powersports Auction is an online marketplace for Powersports and motorcycles with a fully integrated auction platform. It lists more than 80000 listings in the inventory from over 2000 dealers and hosts an online auction once a week where the products are sold at wholesale prices.

Once an auction is sold, the winner receives an email with the link to pay the initial deposit, while the rest of the transaction can be completed offline. 

  • Policybazaar

Policybazaar is one of the most popular insurance aggregators in the country. Its primary offering is a digital platform (available on the web and through a mobile app) that can be used to compare insurance policies and other financial services provided by various insurance companies.

Policybazaar has recently moved its operations from price comparison to insurance selling, providing various plans like life, health, motor, and travel insurances. 

  • Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a crowd-sourced content service geared towards financial markets. The website hosts articles and research papers on various topics like stocks, asset classes, investment strategies, market analysis, ETFs, etc.

Unlike other equity research platforms, insights on Seeking Alpha are provided by investors and independent contributors on the buy-side rather than the sell-side.


Meteor is a comprehensive solution and extremely easy to learn, making it a great choice for new JavaScript developers. It has no strict structural rules, and the documentation is detailed and frequently updated to reflect the latest standards.

It is also supported by a huge community that can help you out with insights and an extensions database, further helping you save on the development time.

If you want to know more about how to implement Meteor on your next project, you can find the appropriate information from the experts at a leading app hosting company. Talk to the professionals on how to implement various features using reusable code from this framework.


What is Meteor?

Free, open-source, full-stack, isomorphic JavaScript framework.

What are the advantages of Meteor?

– Real-time by default
– Supportive developer community
– Easy to learn

What are ten of the best startups using Meteor?

– Rocket Chat
– Medicus
– InMobi
– Namely
– Dutchie
– Stoplight IO
– Shelf IO
– Powersports Auction
– Policybazaar
– Seeking Alpha

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