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Firebase and Parse Platform Choice Dilemma


parseEqualsFirebaseAPI developers are in a lively dispute over the respective advantages and limitations of the Firebase and Parse Backend as a Service (BaaS) platforms. Now Facebook’s decision to make Parse code open source adds more fuel to these fires of developer debate. Does this status change disarm the arguments of Parse proponents and push the balance in favor of Firebase, or perhaps it works in the opposite direction?

Challenges and Opportunities in the BaaS Market


The Backend as a Service (BaaS) market has mushroomed over the past five years. App developers find that using BaaS services frees them to focus on the more inspiring aspects of their profession. They have therefore rushed to entrust BaaS service providers with those less glamorous but nevertheless all so vital development tasks. For example, BaaS offers a highly effective way of handling server coding, database hosting, backup and other tasks that create and maintain the supporting environment app development requires. “Backend” is a most appropriate choice of word since these activities provide the framework within which the more exciting app development tasks are implemented. When these activities are managed by a third party the developer has much more time to devote to the innovations that make new apps so appealing.

Firebase vs. Parse Server | Secrets Unlocked

Firebase vs. Parse Server | Secrets Unlocked
Firebase vs Parse

Are you looking for an effective Backend as a Service solution to power the backend of your applications?

A robust backend of an application ensures its success and enhances its credibility. No matter how attractive your application looks, the absence of a powerful backend can fail your application to deliver the best.

However, when it comes to picking the best backend solution, multiple factors are vital in making a successful selection. Considering compelling features of your preferred services are essential. However, Parse and Firebase are two well-known backend options available. Let’s get deep into these solutions to know which can work the best for you.

Google has recently released a new version of Firebase. It provides a unified platform to build Android, iOS, and Web Apps. Admob, Analytics, Authentication, Indexing, Test Lab, ML, and Notifications are some of the new features introduced in the latest version of Firebase.

Parse Server is a better choice to build new apps or APIs. Read on to get a sense of comparison between the two and understand why Parse Server is still better.

Parse Server 与 Firebase 的比较

Parse Server 与 Firebase 的比较
Firebase vs Parse
Google(谷歌) 最近为 Firebase 推出了新版本。它为开发者提供了统一标准的Andr​​oid, iOS 和 流动网络应用的实时应用平台。在最新版本的Firebase中,亦增加了如Admob, Analytics, Authentication, Index-ing, Text Lab 等一系列应用分析工具。
然而Parse Server还是一个开发应用和API的更好选择。接下来会为两者进行分析并说明为什么Parse Server 会是更好的选择。