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Using Cloud Code functions as an AWS Lambda alternative

Using Cloud Code functions as an AWS Lambda alternative

With no shortage of application frameworks and cloud services, deciding how to launch your app involves many factors. Speed, price, and community support all play an essential role. Two increasingly important points you should consider are ease of development and deployment. In this article, I look at two solutions- Back4App Cloud Code functions, and AWS’s Lambda cloud service- and how they fare for these cases.

Serverless Architecture: AWS Lambda vs Parse Cloud Code



Come on, let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

Introducing first, the challenger, fighting out of the blue corner: It came with its open source stack and huge open source community. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome ‘Parse Cloud Code’

And now introducing the Titleholder, fighting out of the red corner, it came with its bunch of resources and features. Presenting the reigning, defending Serverless champion of the world: ‘AWS Lambda’