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Parse Server: a New Open Source Baas Framework


If you still haven’t settled on an alternative to Parse, the premier cross-platform BaaS that will be shutting down as of January 28, 2017, you’re not alone. Fortunately, Parse has open sourced the code as Parse Server and will let you create amazing mobile apps, expose REST APIs, and GraphQL APIs. Written in Node.js, Parse Server can serve the Parse API from any Node-enabled infrastructure.

Challenges and Opportunities in the BaaS Market


The Backend as a Service (BaaS) market has mushroomed over the past five years. App developers find that using BaaS services frees them to focus on the more inspiring aspects of their profession. They have therefore rushed to entrust BaaS service providers with those less glamorous but nevertheless all so vital development tasks. For example, BaaS offers a highly effective way of handling server coding, database hosting, backup and other tasks that create and maintain the supporting environment app development requires. “Backend” is a most appropriate choice of word since these activities provide the framework within which the more exciting app development tasks are implemented. When these activities are managed by a third party the developer has much more time to devote to the innovations that make new apps so appealing.

Hacking Parse open source with some workarounds

Hacking Parse open source with some workarounds

Parse server is one of the best alternatives for Parse. But as we have seen in our last article “Parse open-source is moving fast but still has some features to be opened up. See which” there are a few features that are not available in the open-source version of Parse. But there are alternatives for each of those features. Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways to close the gaps between Parse Server and make it work closer to Parse.

Parse open-source is moving fast

Parse open-source is moving fast

Migrating the data and setting up your own Parse Server is one of the most preferred options as Parse bids goodbye soon. Open source Parse Server and Dashboard are an excellent replacement for Parse.com with the support from Parse community. Many look at it as a great potential framework as you can develop according to your needs and get improvements and new features from developer’s community. Parse open-source already supports many features of Parse.com but here are some of them which are yet to be open sourced.