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Looking for a reliable Parse Alternative? Here’s the choice of most Parse users


Four years since Facebook open-source the Parse framework. The Parse developer community is even stronger now and new features are being released constantly. For example, a beta version of GraphQL APIs were made available in 2019 and the production mode is ready to use in 2020.  

There’s no denying the fact that finding an ideal replacement for Parse is probably tricky. While there are numerous options in the contemporary market, only a handful of them is trustworthy and reliable. Back4App is one such alternative that has been consistently attracting developers’ attention at an astounding rate.

Parse Server: a New Open Source Baas Framework


If you still haven’t settled on an alternative to Parse, the premier cross-platform BaaS that will be shutting down as of January 28, 2017, you’re not alone. Fortunately, Parse has open sourced the code as Parse Server and will let you create amazing mobile apps, expose REST APIs, and GraphQL APIs. Written in Node.js, Parse Server can serve the Parse API from any Node-enabled infrastructure.

Back4App’s Flexible Hosting Plans


The number and range of developers and enterprises taking advantage of Back4App’s resources continue to increase. The highly competitive nature of the API development business compels them to seek out the fastest and most cost-effective API creation and storage solutions. They soon learn how Back4App’s offers them the flexibility, excellent value and advanced security other solutions cannot match.

Parse pricing: How to estimate your Parse hosting costs on AWS

Parse pricing: How to estimate your Parse hosting costs on AWS

In this article, we are comparing expenses required to host the complete Parse solution (Parse Server + Database) in two different configurations. The first configuration covers small apps and the second covers scaling / large apps.
Small Apps – Will detail the structure required for starting apps with less than ten requests/second and minimum server-side processing.
Large and Scaling Apps – Will detail the structure required for scaling and large apps with more than 10 API requests per second.

Hacking Parse open source with some workarounds

Hacking Parse open source with some workarounds

Parse server is one of the best alternatives for Parse. But as we have seen in our last article “Parse open-source is moving fast but still has some features to be opened up. See which” there are a few features that are not available in the open-source version of Parse. But there are alternatives for each of those features. Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways to close the gaps between Parse Server and make it work closer to Parse.

Why back4app is the best option to Parse users?

Why back4app is the best option to Parse users?

We are really sorry to see parse go. We are also wondering what questions are the Parse users trying to answer now: What service can I trust? Can I have the same problem in the future? Or if I had this problem how can I mitigate them? How much effort I need to migrate my apps now? I’m a Back4app founder and will try to clarify some of these questions.

Parse is shutting down. What are the alternatives?

At this moment, the best alternative to Parse users is to migrate his database and application service to a Parse solution hosting provider. It’s the best plug and play option. If you want to setup your own Parse server its possible too but it’s not so simple.

After the parse shut down the new trend to BAAS providers is to offer a migration that will require a significant effort developing the backend on its solution and re-coding the front-end/mobile app connection with the API.