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Parse and Facebook – A dossier about the BaaS market


This article will provide a comprehensive report explaining what is Parse Server, the history behind it, the most important contributors for the Parse Server community, and the best alternatives for the Parse shut down. Reading this article, you will know:

  • What is Parse Server? Pros and Cons of using it.
  • The real reason behind Parse shut down.
  • Parse download – Where to perform it?
  • The best Parse alternatives and how to move off Parse. 
  • Parse migration options.
  • How to deploy and use Parse Server.
  • Parse Dashboard.
  • The cost to host the Parse Server.
  • How to create a Parse application.
  • What will happen after Parse shut down?

Parse open-source is moving fast

Parse open-source is moving fast

Migrating the data and setting up your own Parse Server is one of the most preferred options as Parse bids goodbye soon. Open source Parse Server and Dashboard are an excellent replacement for Parse.com with the support from Parse community. Many look at it as a great potential framework as you can develop according to your needs and get improvements and new features from developer’s community. Parse open-source already supports many features of Parse.com but here are some of them which are yet to be open sourced.

I’m still developing my app on Parse.com. Should I stay or should I go?

I’m still developing my app on Parse.com. Should I stay or should I go?

There are two important announcements from Parse.

  • Post April 28th, apps which have not migrated their database would assume a lower priority of traffic.
  • Parse will ultimately shut down after January 28th.
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If you are half way through developing an app, you must be deciding about the right time to migrate.
You need not be panicking right now because the performance that Parse will deliver it’s enough to finish your app’s development. Additionally. The April 28th deadline has no impact on you because there are no users for your app yet.

But there are other good reasons to move now, especially to anticipate issues on Parse migration and on to adapt Parse features. You need to figure out alternatives to build, host and manage your app.

Let’s analyse some scenarios:

Parse is shutting down. What are the alternatives?

At this moment, the best alternative to Parse users is to migrate his database and application service to a Parse solution hosting provider. It’s the best plug and play option. If you want to setup your own Parse server its possible too but it’s not so simple.

After the parse shut down the new trend to BAAS providers is to offer a migration that will require a significant effort developing the backend on its solution and re-coding the front-end/mobile app connection with the API.