Top 10 Open Source Serverless Platforms

Technology is changing every field of our lives, and development field is with no exception. Developers don’t have to spend their days and weeks in managing codes and then hardware to run these codes smoothly. It is because evolution in IT industry has brought the idea of serverless architecture into existence. Amazingly, serverless computing has become a popular paradigm which is helping developers not to be worried about managing infrastructures for their applications. 

Well, if you want to know about the serverless architecture and best of the available serverless platform options, then have a look at the detailed information given below. 

What is Serverless?

Serverless computing is an amazing way of providing backend services to the users. Serverless is basically a cloud architecture, which is meant to help developers and organizations to shift their infrastructure work to a third-part service provider. Most amazingly, they don’t have to manage or provision any of the infrastructure or hardware, rather, entire things will be managed by service provider only.

Using a serverless architecture you will no longer pay for servers, but a serverless provider will charge you by the total requests processed, memory allocated to each request, and the time required to process a request. In simple terms, it means that you will only pay for the processing power and memory that is actually used and will no longer have to pay for the unused CPU / Memory of a instance.

With a serverless architecture, businesses and developers can get a better opportunity of focusing more on their core functions in the best possible way. Most amazingly, users don’t have to book or lease the entire services rather, it will work on pay as you go option. It clearly means they have to pay for the services they are going to utilize only. Serverless architectures at the present time are available in the form of FaaS and BaaS solutions. All of these come with the same objective of providing convenience and ease to its users.

Serverless Advantages Overview

Do you want to know how being serverless can bring more benefits to you? Have a look at the following serverless advantages overview to get a better idea about the things in this regard:


If you are planning to create the next big thing, then being serverless can be the best approach for you, as it can offer enhanced scalability. Serverless architectures usually have access points globally which will help you to handle users worldwide. 

Lower Costs

Being serverless can also help you to cut your development costs in a more amazing way.  Pay only by the usage and forget about idle server being paid and not running any workload.

Accelerate your development

Serverless is the best approach for faster application development and deployment. Focus your effort on coding and high value actives and outsource the infrastructure to a third party.

Focus on UI/UX

User experience is most critical for the success of your application. Fortunately, you can get plenty of time to focus on UI/UX when using serverless architecture. 

Top 10 Open Source Serverless Platforms

Here we have enlisted top 10 open source serverless platforms you must know:


Back4app is an amazing BaaS solution which can help developers to develop feature-rich applications at lightening speed. You can develop applications without greasing your elbows in backend coding. Even more, it can also offer effective hosting solutions for your app which will make entire application development, deployment and management easier. 


Parse is another best open source serverless vendor which is being supported by an immense community of developers. It is offering a wider range of features which can help you to manage anything from user authentication, geo fencing, to real-time databases, REST APIs, push notifications and much more. All and all, this platform is meant to speed up your development processes in the best possible way. 

Open Lambda

Open Lambda is an effective serverless compute platform which can help you to develop and grow your applications in a more effective way. This open source platform is based on Linux. However, the major goal of this solution is to enable new approaches’ exploration to the field of serverless computing. 

Apache Open Whisk

This is another distributed, open source, serverless platform which can let you execute functions in response to triggered events at any level. This platform manages scaling, infrastructure and scaling with the help of Docker containers, so that users can get a better opportunity to focus on building and growing their applications in the best possible way. 


This is an open source, native, serverless platform which can help you to build advanced applications in a more effective way. This platform will let developers to deploy smaller bits of codes without being worried about the underlying infrastructure. It offers support for multiple languages including Ruby, Python, Go lang, PHP, Node.js and more. So that you can develop applications more conveniently. 


OpenFaas is an amazing open source serverless platform which is meant to make development simpler and easier. It is because this platform can make it simple to develop and deploy both new and existing codes to Kubernetes. The user of Docker containers will help you to avoid vendor lock-in in the best possible way. 

Iron Functions

Iron Functions is one of the most exciting open source serverless solution which can be run anywhere. You can run your code anywhere in public, hybrid or private cloud. Amazingly, it can help you to import functions from lambda directly. After that you can run your code anywhere you want. This solution is completely easier to use and manage. 

Fn Project

Fn project is a container native, open-source serverless platform which users can run anywhere on premise or on a cloud with ease. This solution supports almost every programming language and simpler user-interface makes it perfectly easier to use for developers. 


Fission is an open-source and native serverless solution meant to support serverless functions. This Free to use FaaS solution can help developers to write code, and deploy their applications superfast. You will be able to operate your production ready applications with ease.


This is an open source, extensible and portable platform which is meant to manage containerized services and workloads. It supports both declarative automation and configuration, with a rapidly growing and large ecosystem. Most amazingly, support and tools for this platform are available widely. 


Serverless is an amazing invention of IT field which is meant to make development processes easier, faster and cost-effective. There are tons of benefits which you can get by being serverless. However, when it comes to choose the best open source serverless solution, then options available above can easily help you to make a better pick. 

What is Serverless?

In simple terms, using a serverless architecture you will only pay for the processing power and memory that is actually used and will no longer have to pay for the unused CPU / Memory of a instance. It’s like having a infinite quantity of nano instances available, these instances will be turned on instantly when there is workload for them, and shut off as soon as the workload is processed.

What are the benefits of serverless?

– Scalability
– Lower costs
– Focus on coding and not infrastructure

What are the best open-source serverless providers?

– Back4app
– Parse
– Open Lambda
– Apache Open Whisk
– Kubeless
– OpenFaas
– Iron Functions
– Fn Project
– Fission
– Kubernetes

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