Top 5 Alternatives to Heroku

Top 5 Alternatives to Heroku

Top 5 Alternatives to Heroku

There are lots of people who might not have been familiar with the name of Heroku, because they may never have experienced the term PaaS, which is abbreviated as Platform as a Service. So, first of all, we will elaborate shortly on what the PaaS actually is. Since there are lots of developers in the market those don’t have many resources to establish or develop any high-class project. They have capabilities and skills to do something extraordinary, but they don’t make this happen because of a resource shortage. In this case, PaaS helps such developers a lot by offering any kind of resource they want for some temporary duration. This is like renting something for the usage of some time and return it back to the owner.

In the PaaS field, Heroku is one of the best pioneers that offer such services to the developers. It offers clouds to the developers that they can utilize and get any kind of resource they want. This platform worked a lot in this field and a great majority of developers are being facilitated by this company, but now, it is losing its market value in an immense ratio. There appear some certain reasons due to which people are not satisfied with the services offered by this platform and now they are searching for some reliable alternatives of Heroku.

Why Developers are Searching for Heroku Alternatives?

Well, there are lots of reasons due to which developers are now looking for Heroku alternatives, while some of them are as follows:

Heroku Price

One of the most important things due to which developers are looking for the alternatives of Heroku is price. This platform has become quite expensive right now that a percentage of the general developer population is not able to afford its services. In this case, they only become able to get some limited services that reach upper limits quite before the completion of the project. This is the reason that developers are looking for alternatives so that they can get better services at the low cost that they can also afford.

Heroku Sleeping Apps

Another one of the basic things that appear to happen in the case of Heroku and because of which developers are now finding some alternatives to Heroku is sleeping apps. No doubt this platform offers a lot of amazing features to the developers to utilize that can help them to improve the performance and reliability of their projects, but at the same time, Heroku make the applications sleeping those you have developed or we can say that hosted over there. When an application on Heroku has only one web dyno, and that dyno doesn’t get any transactions in 1 hour, the dyno goes to sleep. When someone accesses the application, the dyno administrator will automatically wake up the web dyno to run the web process type. This causes a short delay for this first request, but subsequent requests will perform normally. In this case, developers face a lot of problems and this is the reason due to which they are searching for the alternatives of Heroku.

Top 5 Alternatives of Heroku

Well, there are multiple platforms that you can utilize as the alternative of Heroku, while some of the best one among all are as follows:

  1. Back4app

Back4app is one of the best open-source platforms that you can utilize for both PaaS and BaaS. It is one of the best alternatives for Heroku because it offers lots of amazing features that you will not find in Heroku. Additionally, it’s cheaper and has a generous free tier to start. This is the reason that you will be pleased to start using the services of Back4app. To know more, please read the full list of features at Back4app Features.

  1. Elastic Beanstalk

Elastic Beanstalk is another one of the best alternatives that you can use against Heroku. It is also known as AWS and a great majority of the general population is already using it. It offers lots of amazing features that you will not find in the Heroku. In fact, all of such issues that you were facing while using Heroku, will not appear to happen because this platform is designed after considering all the major requirements and needs of developers.

  1. Google App Engine

Google App Engine is another one of the best platforms that you can use as the alternative of Heroku. This platform allows the developers to develop and launch a scalable application that you can expand in the future as per your need. It facilitates the developers by offering them all the essential services that are essential to have in this modern era.

  1. Dokku

Dokku is another one of the best online platforms that you can use as the alternative of Heroku. It is quite a simple and easy platform to use and offer lots of simple techniques to follow to develop applications, which is not much easy to make in the case of Heroku. Additionally, all of those restrictions that are being imposed by the Heroku on a particular developer is not imposed by the Dokku. That’s why it is quite an effective and efficient platform to use as compared to Heroku.

  1. Firebase

Firebase is another one of the best platforms to be used as the alternative of Heroku. It offers lots of incredible advantages and features to the developers so that they don’t feel any kind of inconvenience while using this whole platform. This is the reason that a great number of developers start using Firebase instead of Heroku.


Well, the above has described some of the alternatives of Heroku. All of them are quite effective and works well as an alternative to Heroku. So, consider all the above-described alternatives and make sure to use them if you are tired of using Heroku.

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General FAQ

Why to migrate from Heroku?

The two main reasons developers are migrating from Heroku are the expensive price and sleeping apps.

What are the best Heroku alternatives?

The best alternatives to Heroku are Back4app, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Google App Engine, Dokku, and Firebase.

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