BaaS: What are the benefits?

A Backend as a Service platform delivers ready-to-use backend building blocks, allows users to outsource the infrastructure management, and is used by app developers to build web and mobile apps.

Key features of a BaaS

The key features of a BaaS include

– Database – APIs and SDKs – Cloud Code Functions – Notifications (Push Notifications, Email Notifications, etc) – Cloud Storage – Authentication (Social Media, Email, etc) – Cloud Based Hosting

Benefits of Using a Backend as a Service


Development Speed

Automating repeatable tasks deliver massive productivity gains and can save up to 80% of the backend coding time depending on the project


 Reduce time to market

Early-stage startups usually struggle to find product-market-fit. So, the faster the product is ready, the better.



A Backend as a Service will play a vital role and automate most of the repetitive tasks required to create a backend.. Thus, reducing hiring costs


Standardize backend development

A Backend as a Service will standardize how software engineers build and deploy backend code.