What is Appery?

Low-code app development platforms are getting more popular over time due to the ease and convenience these can offer for web and mobile apps development.

Appery is one of the most amazing low-code app development platforms, which comes with some lucrative features and benefits for its users. Let’s know how Appery can benefit you more effectively below:

Appery Overview

Appery is an all-inclusive, robust application development platform that is meant to expedite mobile innovations.

Appery is a cloud-based platform designed perfectly to provide you a quick development environment to streamline visual development, cross-platform development, advanced development, and applications development in the best possible way.

This all-in-one platform integrates front-end development tools with Backend applications in a single platform that allows developers to design, create, and launch their applications without even any struggle.

Most amazingly, Appery comes up with a simple yet intuitive application builder that can generate codes in numerous languages and frameworks, including HTML 5, Apache, Bootstrap, Angular JS, jQuery Mobile, JS, and various others.

With the build server of Appery, users can develop native iOS, Android, and Windows phone applications. However, the MBaaS module of Appery is here to provide hosting services through a proprietary cloud server.

Appery Core Features

Do you want to know the key features of Appery to know more about this solution? Let’s look at some of the most important ones enlisted below to get a better idea about the things in this regard.

So, here we go:

  • Cloud-based app builder

Before Appery, creating your custom application user interface has never been simpler and easier. You can easily leverage the speed of a simple drag and drop functionality as well as the power of JS to convert your idea into a running application within a few days instead of spending months on it.

  • Build once and run anywhere you want

Appery is an all-in-one development platform that can help you create stunning PWA, mobile applications, and web development. You can also build cross-platform apps that will work smoothly. 

Even more, these applications will also look amazing across all famous operating systems and devices. You can even submit your developed applications to the app store and Google Play Store or deploy them as PWAs and web apps as per your needs with a single codebase with ease.

  • A simple but powerful solution

Appery is one of the most lucrative and widely used low code application development platforms, which is super simple to use. Even beginners can master this platform without any hassle. Additionally, it will also allow seasoned developers to enjoy working with their preferred frameworks, whether Angular and Iconic. Appery is augmented with visual tools which can help you to boost your productivity.

  • Reliable mobile backend as a service solution

Appery is also here to offer you integrated backend services, including push notifications, user authentication, server-side scripting, cloud database, and various others. Users can import and use these services instantly in the app builder of Appery. 

With this amazing platform, you just have to implement the basic idea of your application, and Appery will take care of the rest.

  • Integrate your existing backend

Do you have an existing backend that you want to use for your current application? Appery app development platform is offering easier and seamless integration with your existing backend. This platform even provides tools to develop RESTful APIs from different enterprise systems such as SQL Server, SAP, MySQL, LDAP, Oracle, SharePoint, etc.

  • Collaborate with your team easily

Appery can let you collaborate with other team members in real-time by sharing Appery applications across different devices and browsers at the same time. You can also manage corporate data using the feature of role-based permissions and team management with Appery.

You can even secure your Appery progress with backups and versioning as well.

Appery Advantages

Here are the main benefits of Appery that you must know:

  • With Appery, you don’t have to be a tech whiz or develop any special development skills. The drag and drop builder of Appery is super easier and simpler to use and creates your preferred applications quickly.
  • The backend development services of Appery are meant to accelerate your development process. They will help you to reduce the cost and time required to develop a feature-rich application more effectively.
  • Appery is most amazingly helping developers create both native and cross-platform, feature-rich applications to meet your specific needs in the best possible way.
  • Appery is a cloud-based platform which means you can have ensured speed and reliability as well.

Appery Pricing

Appery comes up with a free trial of up to 14 days which can let you see whether this platform is suitable for your development needs or not.

However, the premium version of Appery starts from $25 per month, and you can easily scale it as per your business needs.


Overall, Appery is one of the best low code app development platforms, which comes up with almost everything you require to develop amazing web and mobile apps quickly and cost-effectively.


What is Appery?

It is a low-code app development platform.

What are Appery core features?

– Cloud App Builder
– Mobile Back End as a Service
– APIs

What is the price of Appery?

The pricing starts at $25 per month.

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