What is Appian?

Developing enterprise-grade applications is not an easy task considering the complexity that you have to face while dealing with different technologies.

In this case, platforms like Appian bring the most value by their low-code app development environment. So, here we will be discussing how Appian works and how it brings the most value for its users.

Appian Overview

Appian is a platform that you can use for developing your software and applications. The exciting thing here is that it combines low-code development with full-stack automation. In this way, the applications are quickly developed while maintaining the best features and performance.

In this way, you can develop applications for your business without the need of having to deal with intensive programming. These applications can be used to improve your business’s internal matters, and you can use them to increase the customer experience by achieving operational excellence.

Appian Core Features

Speaking of the core figures that you get from Appian, the list is extensive. The best part is that all of the features bring the most value for the users. However, here we will be discussing the best ones that matter the most.

1.    Visual development environment

The first feature and the essential thing for non-technical users are that Appian comes with a visual development environment. It means that you can use the drag and drop interface for adding all the functionality to your applications. It also ensures that most of the development is done using this drag and drops feature and a visual development environment.

2.    Component reusability

Most of the applications are developed so that one set of logic can be used in other parts without or with minimal updating. Appian makes sure that you do not have to establish each component of your application again and again. So, it provides the feature of component reusability, which saves a lot of your time while you are developing the applications.

3.    User management

If you use the application commercially or non-commercially, you will undoubtedly need to manage the users present on your application. Appian makes it easy with the user management feature in its application development environment, making everything very easy to handle.

4.    Scalability

If you think that your application will grow in terms of users and traffic over time, then it is one of the best features that Appian provides. With scalability, you will never have to worry about changing the platform to meet the hardware resource needs of your application.

Appian Advantages

Along with all the amazing features of Appian, some advantages make things even better. So, here we will be mentioning some of those advantages that you get from Appian.

  • The time to market for applications developed on Appian is very minimal.
  • The workflow documentation is available easily, which makes it easy if you need information about your application.
  • The data integration part is very easy.
  • Applications developed on Appian are very reliable and secure.
  • The customer service provided by Appian is amazingly supportive.

Appian pricing

Appian makes sure that the users only have to pay for the services that they need. So, it has come up with different pricing plans. One of the best things you will see here is a free plan that anyone can use. Other than the free package, there are three more packages:

  • Application
  • Platform
  • Unlimited.

The services and utilities keep increasing in each of these packages. However, there are no details or information about the prices for these packages.

So, if you are looking to start with Appian, you can go for the free package. Otherwise, you can contact the support team at Appian to know more about their prices.

So, all in all the pricing is good and you can use it to get good features. 


While app development used to be a hectic, time taking, and resource-consuming process that took a lot of money as well, development was very irrelevant for businesses. Still, the advancement of technologies has made it necessary.

The good part here is that platforms like Appian allow businesses to develop their enterprise-grade application with the best features and performance.

Here we discussed how Appian brings the most value for you with its features and benefits that set it apart from all other platforms available.


What is Appian?

It is a low-code automation platform.

What are the core features of Appian?

– Low code development
– Visual development
– Scalability

What is the pricing of Appian?

– Free tier available
– Standard for $70/user/month

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