What is AppSheet?

AppSheet provides you with a no-code development platform that you can use to create an enterprise-grade application in no time. So, here we will be discussing how it works and how it brings most of the value for you.

AppSheet Overview

It is an intelligent application development platform that provides a no-code development environment for easy application development.

This no-code application development is the best when it comes to non-technical users. The applications created here do not lack any feature or performance capability as you can make the following applications:

  1. Transportation applications
  2. Data capturing applications.
  3. Delivery tracking applications.
  4. Field service applications
  5. Survey applications and many more

With all of these fantastic options, AppSheet provides its users with some most impressive features and benefits. So, here we will be discussing how these work for bringing a lot of value for the users.

AppSheet Core Features

AppSheet comes with loads of features for developing applications that hardly miss any of the features. Although the list is very long regarding features, here we will be discussing only the best ones. So, here are some of the best features that you get from AppSheet.

1.    Visual modeling of the applications

As it is a no-code application development platform, one of the best features you get here is the visual modeling or the visual development of the application. You can easily create the applications with all of their features being added by drag and drop methods.

2.    Build applications for once and use them on several platforms

AppSheet allows you to build applications that come with multiplatform support. So, when you develop an application with AppSheet, you can use it on Android devices, iOS devices, and other computers and TVs with the help of a Web app. It means that the applications developed here can work on almost every device.

3.    Notification features come integrated

When you develop an application using AppSheet, you can add the notification feature without adding any complex code. Whether you are looking to add an email, SMS, or push notification feature, it will not be difficult at all to do so.

AppSheet Advantages

AppSheet provides a lot of advantages with its application development platform, and some of them are:

  • When developing applications with AppSheet, you can integrate easily with REST API and other domain authorization options.
  • AppSheet provides usage analytics to make sure that you can monitor the performance of your application for making improvements.
  • Server and image data caching makes the application perform very fast, especially in terms of loading times.

AppSheet Pricing

AppSheet is not only a fantastic platform when it comes to services and features, but it also is fantastic in terms of its pricing. The pricing policies at AppSheet are very attractive for the users as they can select the plan according to their requirements, so they do not have to pay more than they need to.

The pricing plans start with a free trial that you can use for any of the packages at AppSheet. After your free trial ends, you can move to the paid packages. The following are some of the paid packages available:

  • The Starter package costs $5 per user per month.
  • The Core package costs $10 per user per month.

Apart from these two packages, there are “Enterprise Standard” and “Enterprise Plus” packages available as well. However, if you think that the features these packages provide are right according to your application requirements, you can contact the team at AppSheet to request a quote for your plan.


Platforms like AppSheet make it easy for non-technical users to develop an application for their business, all according to their needs. Well, the features that come along with the services of AppSheet make it an even better choice for developing enterprise-grade applications, and you will not be missing anything.

Here we were elaborating on what AppSheet is and how it is one of the best platforms for developing business applications of the best quality.


What is AppSheet?

It is a no-code development platform.

What are the core features of AppSheet?

– No code
– Agile
– Powerful

What is the pricing of AppSheet?

– The Starter package costs $5 per user per month.
– The Core package costs $10 per user per month.

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