What is Bizness Apps?

In this digital era, even the smallest businesses must have their applications. However, the requirements for resources and cost make it difficult for small businesses to have applications.

Platforms like Bizness Apps help in this case by letting people develop feature-rich applications with ease. So, here we will be discussing how things work with Bizness Apps.

Bizness Apps Overview

Bizness Apps is the platform that helps small and medium scale businesses to stay ahead in the digital competition and trend with amazingly designed applications.

While adding some complex features is not an easy thing for small businesses because it costs a lot, Bizness Apps gets things done with its features. So, it makes the application assist your business in every matter to increase customer engagement.

Bizness Apps Core Features

Bizness Apps is the platform that comes with all the features that you will need when you are developing an application.

So, it provides an extensive list of features ranging from the design department to the performance and the customer experience. However, here we will be elaborating on some of these features that you get from Bizness Apps.

1.    Communications features

Keeping the users up to date with everything that is happening in real-time makes your users feel attended, and it increases the application’s credibility.

Well, Bizness Apps allows you to add communication features within the applications. So, you can add messaging future in the application, or you can use notifications to keep the users up to date with events, special offers, and announcements.

2.    Mobile ordering feature

Do you know that most users out there like to use only one device for all their needs?

That device is a mobile phone, and when the customers have to switch to another device for placing orders, most of them skip the thought of placing the order in the first place. With Bizness Apps, you can add the feature of mobile order placing right in your application.

In this way, the customers will be able to place their orders right from the application, which will increase the number of orders. It will ultimately increase the revenue as well.

3.    Integration features

For those looking for customized features and options in their applications, getting third-party services integrated into their applications is the best thing.

In this case, Bizness Apps allows you to increase the operational efficacy of your application by integrating third-party services in your application to streamline your processes.

4.    Native app experience

When it comes to developing applications for mobile devices, the application’s performance is the most important thing. Having native app experience matters the most because it has access to all the device capabilities and features. With Bizness Apps, you can create applications that provide the users with a native experience.

Bizness Apps Advantages

Although Bizness Apps provides such an amazing array of features, its services do not end here as there are many advantages. So, here are some of the advantages that you get when you use Bizness Apps.

  • Many platforms provide customer services, but the staff from Bizness Apps is very skilled and helpful, so it helps you resolve your issues in no time.
  • With all the customer-attracting features, the application performs very well for a business’s performance.
  • Creating unique applications is not a hard or time taking thing anymore with Bizness Apps.
  • The marketing material and tactics perform very well.

Bizness Apps Pricing

Bizness Apps is the platform that knows that users may be creating applications for growing their agency or business, or they can be developing applications for others.

So, to make its services affordable in either case, it provides you with different packages. There are a total of 4 packages available, out of which one is an individual plan while the other 3 are Reseller plans.

Here is all about the plans that you get at Bizness Apps:

  • The Individual App plan costs $99 per month with all the features for your business’s application.
  • The Standard Reseller plan starts at $300 per month with limited support.
  • The Gold Reseller plan starts at $360 per month with additional support for your solutions company.
  • The Platinum Reseller plan starts at $400 per month with everything you need to become successful.

The best part about selecting any of these packages is that they come with all the necessary things that you will need. It means you will never miss the app features, templates, app credits, or other necessary stuff in any of these packages.


As having an application has become necessary for almost every business, Bizness Apps makes things easier. Here we were discussing how it brings ease to the application development process with all of its features.


What is Bizness Apps?

It is a low-code app maker.

What are the core features of Bizness Apps?

– Mobile ordering
– Reviews
– Messaging
– Integrations
– Loyalty programs

What are the advantages of Bizness Apps?

– Ease of use
– No code required
– Ready to use templates

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