What is PubNub?

What is PubNub?
What is PubNub

When it comes to develop any web, mobile or IoT application then it is highly important to create with scalability, security and reliability. It is because if you are not designed it in this way, your product might fail before getting a chance to grow. While developing your application, it is highly important to be concerned about its scalability without even a single service outage. 

Even more, make sure to keep your stack updates secured and create better ways to receive alerts. Although all of these things seem pretty tough to manage, but availability of solutions like PubNub is making it all easier for you. It is always a good idea to create every aspect of your application with the mindset open to the growth of your product, rather than being exposed to vulnerabilities as you are going to scale your product. PubNub is a great solution to consider anyway. Let’s dig deep into PubNub solution to know more details about how it can work for you:

What is PubNub?

PubNub is one of the most popular data stream networks, which is also an easier to use and secure real-time communication API for web, IoT and mobile applications. PubNub is offering amazing services which will help you in scaling your product to the thousands of devices in a shorter time period as well as ensuring latency all around the world. Most amazingly, PubNub comes with more than 70 SDKs. Ultimately, it is one of the easiest to connect service to your real-time IoT devices, meant to offer great services, performance and reliability to its users. 

Furthermore, this solution can also help the developers to save their valuable time by offering better means for application management in a more amazing way. Whenever it comes to use an amazing solution which can help you to manage your application development processes in a more effective way, then PubNub can be the best to choose. However, to know about how PubNub can help you to in getting more benefits with ease, then descriptions given below will certainly let you have a better idea about it. 

PubNub Pricing 

When it comes to the pricing model of PubNub then it is really surprising to know that PubNub is letting its users start with a free account. Users can start developing their applications with PubNub without paying anything until they are ready to scale their project. However, if you want to scale its services, then you can get access to starter plan of PubNub available for $49 every month. 

While, if you want to work on a complex project then it is highly recommended for you to prefer using custom pricing model. For this, you can communicate with an expert at PubNub and can develop a resource package as per needs of your application in the best possible way. 

Starter$49/monthMonthly prepay toward your usage
CustomTalk to Sales

PubNub Use Cases 

Have a look at the real-time use cases of PubNub given below to know what actually it can let you develop:

In-app chat

PubNub use cases also include powerful and feature-rich chat APIs for highly reliable and secure group, one to one, and live events of messaging. 

IoT Device control 

Are you planning to develop an effective IoT device control solution? Then you must know about the PubNub APIs available for bidirectional monitoring solutions. Even more, it is also triggering device action to ensure better control. 

Alert and notifications 

PubNub offers amazing APIs meant to deliver real-time alerts that are including mobile push notifications, SMS alert and in-app alerts for more effective interactions in the best possible way. 

HIPAA complaint real-time doctor patient app 

PubNub helps developers to deliver enhanced experience of patients with real-time doctor patient communicator. It can let you manage HIPAA complaint notifications, information, scheduling and chat solutions. This use case can help you to improve the outcome of patient with a feature rich, and enhanced communicator solution. 

PubNub Advantages 

Do you want to know in what ways PubNub services can benefit you? Let’s have a look at the key benefits of PubNub given below:

Low Latency

When it comes to utilize server-side solutions then reduced latency is one of the best benefits to consider. It is because every app contains users globally. However, PubNub is operating across multiple regions and offering lower latency.  

Decreased time to market

PubNub is helping its users to focus on the core features or functionalities of their applications. It can let them focus on building application rather than managing app infrastructure. Ultimately, developers will get more time to market and enhance their ROI effectively. 

Enhanced scalability

PubNub is one of the scalable application development solution. It will allow its users to scale their resources whenever their application grows. Scaling services with PubNub is super easier. 

Lower cost 

PubNub is one of the most amazing solution which will let you cut out your app development costs. This solution is making it easier for developers to start for free and scale their resources whenever needed effectively. 

PubNub Alternatives 


Back4app is an easier to use, and simpler one-click platform which is meant to optimize your backend components in the best possible way. It will let you manage backend solutions including file storage, API, server infrastructure, databases and more amazingly. Furthermore, back4app is a well-known parse server host which is offering effective hosting solutions for the applications based on parse server. All and all, back4app comes up with every characteristic needed to make it a top alternative to PubNub. 


Firebase is another amazing option we have as a best alternative to PubNub in our list. This great solution is being backed by Google and comes up with all the latest features required for your application. Firebase is offering a complete toolset which can help you in accelerating the process of application development in the best possible way. 


Kinvey is one of the most amazing backend as a service solution which can help you in optimizing your application development resources more effectively. It can let you create feature-rich applications within no time. 

So, this sums up everything related to PubNub in an excellent way.

What is PubNub?

PubNub is one of the most popular data stream networks, which is also an easier to use and secure real-time communication API for web, IoT and mobile applications.

What are PubNub Advantages?

– Low Latency
– Decreased time to market
– Enhanced scalability
– Lower cost 

What’s PubNub Pricing?

– Starter at $49 per month
– Custom Plans

What are PubNub alternatives?

– Back4app
– Firebase
– Kinvey

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