Winning an APP Development Gold at Rio


The world’s athletes eagerly look forward to the opportunity to compete in the Rio Summer Olympics, but they are far from the only ones with high hopes of success in Brazil. The Olympics season also motivates mobile app developers to rush to bring out many new apps on Olympics-related themes. Developers have been submitting thousands of these new apps to the Google and Apple stores each day. The competition to create a winning mobile app is really just as tight as the rivalry on the athletics fields.

Great Apps on Firm Foundations

Developers who create the most novel, fastest and easy to use mobile apps obviously have a clear advantage, but the development approach they choose is also a key factor in the app’s success. Most mobile app developers prefer to start with a landing page and proceed to develop the app for Android or iOS. However, even though this enables them to launch the app quickly for one particular market, they need to invest much more effort, later on, to prepare the app for release into other markets. This fact of app developer life helps explain the growing interest in an alternative Backend as a Service (BaaS) approach.

BaaS app development starts with the API (application programming interface) creation stage. The API forms a solid foundation upon which developers can easily construct a website and mobile apps for a variety of target markets. It allows them to deploy quickly and control the entire mobile app development process from a single source. Savings in precious development time and costs allow them to bring the mobile app to the customers that much faster without exceeding development budgets.

Winning Mobile Apps Need a Great Support Structure

Behind every Olympic medal winning team, you find dedicated trainers and other support staff. Usually, only the successful medallist gets attention from the media, but this doesn’t diminish the support team’s contribution to their victory. Just as the athlete needs their backup personnel, the winning mobile app requires a top grade development structure. Fortunately, the app developer community has been quick to recognize this demand, and they have quickly discovered how a versatile, cloud-based app development framework provides a most efficient solution.

California-based is one of the businesses in the forefront of these efforts to streamline and standardize app development resources. Their API Hub already provides mobile app developers with the essential tools they need to create, deploy, host and share APIs completely free of charge. It provides them with a central repository of hosted and ready-to-use APIs for mobile web development. As more developers appreciate the gains of working within the API Hub community, its value increases by leaps and bounds.

Get a Head Start

The authorities running the Olympic Games make sure that competitors are evenly matched but in the mobile app development field, the first one to get a good app to the starting line seizes the advantage.

App developers find the API Hub gives them much easier access to APIs and SDKs (software development kits). Compare the time and resources it would take to create an app development structure from scratch with the ease of connecting to an existing API repository. Developers benefit tremendously from eliminating repetitive coding tasks. This significantly reduces the development cycle and gives them more time to devote to developing their app’s unique features. Experts in this field estimate that developers can expect to cut development time by as much as 80% if they take full advantage of this amazing resource.

With support for push notifications to app users, custom (cloud) coding, integration with social media and many other important features the API Hub offers mobile app developers a valuable head start. It’s open-source structure releases them from the shackles of links to proprietary platforms. With this flexibility, they are free to code their apps in the most innovative new directions. In addition, API Hub incorporates vital productivity and analytics tools that let developers track their app’s effectiveness and monitor customer behaviour. All that laborious coding, testing and deployment work is no longer necessary — the developer can simply configure the platform settings in line with their app’s particular requirements.

Success in Brazil is definitely going to be so much easier for the mobile app developers who can benefit from the real money and times savings BaaS solutions deliver.


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